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  1. Так можно, спец., символы ставишь, а по середине слово.
  2. GREY


    This is translate of bug of Russian guy. Here can be mistakes. Dear developers, I wrote to you about a bug with a rocket, here it is at the bottom!! In a brief about the first bug, this is when you shoot an RPG into a wall from the street, then chests, stoves, cabinets break inside the house, and after that you can put your closet and lock up the house. I found out from a cheater that there is a second similar bug with looping stoves, chests, cabinets, etc. through the wall!!! In a brief about the second bug, cheaters have the opportunity to loot stoves, chests, cabinets, etc. through the wall. I couldn't find out anything else from him, but I think that's enough to fix it. Now it's clear that you get fired because of cheaters and full iron houses with MVK doors disappear. You get fired in a couple of minutes. Oh, developers, if you understand what I'm talking about and took a note from, please write off your actions with this bug that cheaters can loot at home through the walls!!
  3. Читеры могут делать это.
  4. Урон от винтовки?
  5. I have kicking by anti-cheat every minute. I am not cheating. But system don't think like that. Good update, but this... Better if you, dear developers, make the moderation system. Sorry if take mistakes, I am Russian. Game name: ЯТИМХАНА Your's GREY.
  6. GREY


    Anti-cheat is not good, it's kicks all players. +
  7. Anti-cheat wrong, kicking all.