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  1. Thank you so much, but the maximum letters are still 12 can it be 14 cus when i have new phone i will write my longest nick on it
  2. do you still have this problem?
  3. Bro post it in the right page, this is a suggestion server, you need to do that on report bugs
  4. Maximum letters for the username everyone can reach is 12 limit letters or dashes. My name turn weird and nobody hesitate to call me Duck. So please if you have free time or when you aren't busy, feel free to go on for this please. SuPeriory DK 12 letters SuPeriory Duck 14 letters I wanted my name to be SuPeriory Duck not SuPeriory DK its more unrecognisable to look like a duck?but change its maximum 14, i hope you understand this thanks! ?? (for those who says ur nick has a "duck" on it but your profile is a "frog") - well i liked that frog profile, i made it by myself so i used it hahahaHa
  5. But since for the new beginners people, i felt bad for them since they were way too far enough to be good at aim, so if dc timer changed into 5 or 10 secs, they'll probably be annoyed by their efforts cause they might have plenty of important stuffs and all of that got stolen easily + I'm also one of them? i can't defeat some players cause my aim is pretty bad?? But atleast i didn't lost my stuff cause luckily i can disconnect and wait for 30-35 mins befor i come back????
  6. I'ved said it?, ples reply back ?⌚
  7. Device name: HONOR 8S RAM: 2.0 GB Android Version: 9
  8. I have this problem too, can u help me ??
  9. Horses, cars, and ships or boats or any other transportation needed alot of development for that and the map should look way bigger than today's update,and more islands for adventure in the ocean
  10. Exactly, i was thinking that if it added reload animation it kinda sounds weird and it takes 3 secs, without any reloadance it would be easy and comfortable. Because without reload just 1 half sec but with reload you gotta fucking see its animation of the hand swiping left to right and put stuffs bullets like that. Im not trying to just argue alot but games need abit logic to play it better.
  11. I'm not underestimate, but i don't like that they have a large amount of rockets they've been used. Even the biggest bace got raided maybe just because of that.
  12. This is useless, i cares about the pvp, you don't need to much realism in oxide and its pvp action. Don't add this ??
  13. I found so many hackers but i didn't recorded it. I just wanted that guy to be banned even welyn reported 1 Chinese hacker, haven't you seen it?