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Found 91 results

  1. Cheater 1Eu with aimkill DCFA46ECCBD319BC эт шд братиk
  2. Jame$1


    Foreal though ,spent money on this games turrets in hopes that they would actually work and protect from hackers but spent good money on trash , and hacker run rampant with auto kill and that hack doesn’t even allow people enough time to escape, just a 2 shot to face with an assault rifle and I’m losing hours of time to fucking hackers . stupid as fuck that we HAVE TO BUY Defense FOR HACKERS AND STILL FUCKED WHEN RUN INTO THEM . You are mentally Ill if you honesty believe that’s the way people should spend time with you , your sick .
  3. Castbit you nade a game for cheater
  4. RU: Забаньте пожалуйста, на них очень много рапортов. US:Please ban them, there are a lot of reports on them.
  5. Name : [NON] Вестник Id: 6AFB763057F22A04 Time code ID in video 1:07 AIM KILL Proff:
  6. Waly7set


    It's amazing that attention is only given when it involves in-game purchases, and when we talk about hackers they say with the greatest mockery "buy the prime server" we have no obligation to support anything for you, the game to be a game first it has to have players, and you don't talk about your players, the game has no result against hackers, you are losing content creators little by little, support those who disclose the oxide on youtube, if you do not want to work. I allow moderation access for some influencers to do what you don't do.
  7. Посмотрите это видео он играет с читером (его друг) Ник читера:КОТАКТЫ ЖЕМЕ и друзья читера
  8. Please Fix this server this is not problem my internet, my signal was good and i think your oxide and server will down laggers many times to die because so lag server, Please fix this asap and or else your sell this game other developers.
  9. Hello dear developer of oxide servival simulatrum, I want to tell you how much I miss going out to kill the other players and raiding without any problem, now none of that can be done because of the hackers who only damage the game, as much as me and the other players are waiting for news about the game from you, you had told us that the update was at 70% but there is no information I ask you, creator of oxide survival simulator that we already know that you are pending the things that we all publish and you are responding, but we ask you to give information about the update of the game, it is unfortunate that a game like this dies that way.
  10. Приветствую розработчик! Хочу перенести донат с етого акаунта:4B08A98BF21B9E85 На вот этот:D9D4FE27E054FF89 Надеюсь данная операция является возможной:) И да я очень жду обновление надеюсь оно будет пушка))
  11. Ñpc


    hoy estaba jugando tranquilo, vino un hacker y me mato y cuando salí de mi casa me banearon
  12. Player name Russian, Use cheater and he kill me???????
  13. я вышел на выстрелы, увидел игрока mrbeast(ru) и он убил меня с далека, но я увидел что он писал в чате я разобрался в читах скину скрин.
  14. Nickname:MILK ADA(2) ID: C89A8F0A9A375F71 proof in YouTube videos
  15. X-8_1

    EU hacker

    DEC6F93BEA752502 Это читак уже играть с читом 4 день.
  16. Сервер: 20 [US] Ник: MARIK_TRABUK ID: 6CC125AFC4FDE7A8 Забанте его пожалуйста
  17. Agent

  18. Hackers aimbot Nickname : [aim]Monster Id : 5472B9165BC5F375 hack : aimbot, wallhack, esp line @Catsbit.Care
  19. I hope that this game finally will be on the top of play market and i wish u more positive updates. Best wishes to u and ur game;)
  20. Hello everyone There are some mistakes in the Spanish translation that I need Catsbit to fix. In the first photo it says [GRAFÍAS] but it is wrong it has to say [GRÁFICOS] In the second photo it says [MADER] but it's wrong it has to say [MADERA]
  21. Kit123


    Го завтра пожалуста обнову
  22. Подругу забанили незашто , не использувала чити і баги ник: varhik11 ID: 15A3EFC584CF5C5 прошу разсматреть ету ситуацию