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Found 325 results

  1. ID:FDFF0F6735617E7 Aim: air gamp, kiked, aim kill, magic bulles. Server 21(us) Klan:KILL Nickname:TE©as
  2. Server:21(US) Nickname:брат сосул Klan:[DEAT] ID:E858BED76E5B3EE0 Ban please
  3. Nickname:воробей ID:7BD214756B397F6F Aim: aim kill + kiked Servers:21us 7 LVL Ban please
  4. hello, my account has been blocked in play in eu55 (prime) i play with ios and i cant use hack i killed several people with assault i also have video and they started doing spam that i am a hacker and i got banned by your anticheat ban I'm on ios and I can't hack it, please remove it if you want it, I'll send the video, tell me and I'll send it to you ID: 84EFB5DDABFE7A51
  5. Сервер 21US Cheat:aim kill +air jamp Nickname:[qoe]ㄊㄞ ID:1DFB711286093BDA Ban please
  6. Будет скидка на донаты турел коптер багги?
  7. Please unban my account I just jumped over the walls using a bug ID:7541DCBECE01257C
  8. Eu78 ID:64AADBC4B02DED18 Video:
  9. Hello admins, I am a EU31 player and I went to an enemy's house and the enemy fired a rocket at me without me seeing it. Yes, this may be luck, but he fired 4 rockets at me and when he opened the door, I entered the house and died immediately. There is no turret or pump-action turret in the house. ID 6879865AB59A49A
  10. Hello admins, a user flew in front of my eyes in EU31, then shot me with a bullet and reduced my HP. Player ID 9C2C1BC595F2EFD5
  11. Id:F0DE09F4F06759E3 Prof:
  12. ID:8F8E0639889943A
  13. I was playing with my friend on the 17 Asia server when I got banned. I got banned while collecting wood because of the permanent cheat, but I didn't use the cheat. 🥺😭 Your account has been banned for violating regulations Reason: Cheating Expires: Indefinite ID: BEC25E2A73838888
  14. Panter

    Unban pls

    Hello, I am Panter. I was banned for no reason. Half an hour before I was banned, what I experienced was that I threw a ladder at a clan's place and approached them. Then I went home and bought an ax and a pickaxe. I was trying to farm. They thought I was cheating and tried to ban me, and I was tired of getting banned for no reason. My 15 lvl account and countless 12 lvl accounts were banned. I spend as much time on this game as you do on this site, and maybe I play this game more than you. Please review me again, otherwise. I was going to quit the game. My 1 prime account got banned, so I opened a cheat, but then I switched to an iPhone and got banned. Sorver:Eu89 Name:OxidePanter ID:B66E95363D811C62 take a look again
  15. Good morning. I wanted to play again when I went to log into my account a message appeared saying that I was banned, can you help me I want to know if I was really banned and I want to know the reason and I want to know if there is a way for me to recover my account because I spent a lot of money on it MY ID:3D911891BE769F34
  16. Banear al hacker sigue matando en el servidor con sus trampas porfa banear ID:CAE981CB6197839B SERVER BR2
  17. Server:eu78 ID:407644224A4637FE Video proof:
  19. Id:F84C1778B1DB77F8 Prof:
  20. ID : 6B6107249B38F4B7 Video Proof