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Found 63 results

  1. У игрока странный ник, который не получается ввести на раскладке. (Никнейм виден на обоих видео) Сервер: [EU][0.3] oxide #1 Игрок постоянно использует speedhack, high jump, на видео доказательствах лишь некоторые моменты. IMG_3368.MOV IMG_3367.MOV
  2. There is a hacker he is a chinese hacker his name is 羊吧坏 he is using aimbot and killing every one in the server he is destroying the whole server he uses high jump hack and also wall hack he breaks the cupboard from outside the house and if you are far away from him he can kill you please ban him please
  3. IMG_7219.MOV People are leaving the game because of hackers , I hate to ask but when will it end . The name of the person in the video is on top of the list he has multiple accounts also , and at least 2-3 other hacker friends all with Chinese names on US 3 !
  4. There one bug abuser and other pleace ban him for abuse of bugs
  5. Good afternoon, I'm on YouTube for this game! The game is very exciting, but my subscribers ask a lot of questions about the game, but unfortunately I don't have an answer to them. how can I talk to you about the game ? and ask a couple of questions?
  6. Why are you taking 2 years to update the game sandbox 3d again please update it again and more cars with different notices and make the have a exhaust and at least 4 more guns with differnt sounds anymkre building stuff and rotation of building and take of the build limit and fix the hacks find a solution to fix them permanently
  7. XRecorder_23022022_160423(0)(0)(0).mp4 XRecorder_23022022_160423(0)(0)(0).mp4
  8. Já tem data para próxima atualização,ou vocês desenvolvedores estão trabalhando para próxima atualização? Nós da comunidade queremos uma resposta para ficar por dentro,o jogo está ficando muito chato sem wipe! E a questão dos anti-cheat vcs estão trabalhando nisso? Jogo está cheio de hack de speed! Esse jogo tem muito talento só basta voces querer...
  9. Este tipo está enviando spam para que un jugador mate a un amigo y está enviando spam y provocando retrasos and when i say can you stop? And he starting Spamming del tipo es spam: daruk
  10. The game is kept showing that fialed to refresh server list but I refresh it many times it didn't work my network connection is also strong but game not working properly Please fix it as soon as possible SVID_20220203_071728_1.mp4
  11. Whats the point of banning enoc, ? When he can easily make new accounts? Btw hes now enoc4, and he freely f*cking raiding everyone in us1, Enoc4 means he have been Bann for 3x, but whats the point? Pls make some action, IP/PERMANENT BANN this sh*t!
  12. Whats the point of banning enoc, ? When he can easily make new accounts? Btw hes now enoc4, and he freely f*cking raiding everyone in us1, Enoc4 means he have been Bann for 3x, but whats the point? Pls make some action, IP/PERMANENT BANN this sh*t! Btw ,thats all his loot, stealing everyones stuff, and farming rss, easily bcz of speed/fly hack
  13. Straight to the point devs. Is there will be upcoming updates in this end of the month? Are you working with it? Thank for the answer,
  14. Quando você está perto de um player, e tentar atirar uma flecha nele, a flecha o atravessa, sem causar nenhum dano, isso ocorre somente quando está perto, quando está longe acerta normalmente.
  15. Rdpitybu


    A próxima atualização será no mês que vem ou foi adiada por causa dessa atualização de correção de bugs ? Quais bugs vocês consertaram nesta atualização ? Eu não consegui identificar. O bug da bigorna e da rocket atravessando parede continua. Aliás, no servidor que jogo já vi três ou quatro jogadores usando hack de velocidade e de voar. Não consigo filmar ou tirar um print pois não tenho oportunidade, quando vejo já passaram por mim. Eu poderia dizer os nomes, mas teria que provar. Obrigado pela atenção!
  16. Perun

    Player report

    How to upload photos in player report option? I have some photos od a flying player but I don't know how to post the picitures..?
  17. Rdpitybu


    Nick: naosougringo Server: BR #2 Frases racistas: "clã de macacos" "tudo bando de preto fudido" Ele escreveu mais frases racistas, eu que só consegui tirar print destas. Gostaria que ele fosse banido, obrigado pela atenção! O Nick dele é "naosougringo". coloquei novamente agora porque bugou o nome depois da postagem. Estou editando.
  18. Hello, I'm here to suggest you to add triangle foundations and roofs, that will be a game changer. I hope you will do it soon, and we all will have fun playing it.
  19. please resolve as soon as possible. you said it was my ping, isn't it? look at my recordings. When I spend a long time on a server, that happens, I can't log in and I forgive everything. I wait for a solution Screen_Recording_20211227-075136_Oxide - Survival Island.mp4 VideoEditor_20220103_064307.mp4 VideoEditor_20220103_064307.mp4
  20. Pls get Increase the power of the weapon Because enemy get scape whith leather set our left game beacuse game no have sleep mod and the guns damage is low In my opinion, do a few things 1_increase the power of the guns our Reduce the make ammo 2_pls get mode sleep for pvp enemys left game cant kill 3_pls create c4 for game
  21. Add vending machine ,for Safe trade will more Enjoyable specially for the fresh spawns, Also planting system to make for fun and not only farming and pvp, this will good for roleplayers, thank you
  22. Devs can you pls Add Auto turrets on the next Update? Im sure it will make more Defendable to our bases, even being OFFLINE RAID, and Also u can Anoys the WALL HACKER, this will prevent LOSING STUFF from Cheater while off the server. make It TANKY HP ,that it takes a 2rockets to destroy , And make it efficient bullets like 5.56ammo. Thank you.
  23. I aint reporting any Hackers right now. Just tellin u that hacker noticed that Anti Cheat system Is not working since. Invicible , Speed ,floating ,wall walk through. And even Aimbot. Pls help us @Catsbit.Care Server and my groups also dying
  24. If you dont want Sleeping Player, MAKE atleast 5 seconds before Quiting or disconnecting the game , so its fair for the players who chase a Low health player , So the guy who has been chased connot disconnect the game .make this change asap dont List it on the nxt big update . Just change it now. Thank you