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Found 463 results

  1. These two has Aimbot Cheat and keep raiding my house. Even though they are afar from my base, they can kill me with just 2 shots. You should fix this issue its really annoying that hackers can play this game. Do something about it or im going to brag this on social media so no one will gonna play this game anymore.
  2. Данный игрок Id 530BE8D08A171C41 Игровой никнейм: «я хай бичь» 72-й сервер Проник в полностью в закрытый дом, «не видела как это было» сквозь стены или телепорт. вычистил все ресурсы и вышел таким же образом, сохранив при себе все краденое Вход в дом ограничивался двумя дверьми с разными паролями, в шкафу никого не было прописано-соло игра Просьба, не оставьте пожалуйста без внимания данный инцидент?? This player Id 530BE8D08A171C41 In-Game Nickname: "I'm High Beach" 72nd server Penetrated into a completely closed house, “did not see how it was” through walls or a teleport. cleared all resources and exited in the same way, keeping all the stolen goods with him The entrance to the house was limited to two doors with different passwords, no one was registered in the closet - solo game Please do not leave this incident unattended ?
  3. This hacker play in eu21 servar he use hack I have a video clips check this.. And it's 100% Aimbot Hacker Check clip Only Headshot
  4. Cheater on 19 server id cheater: 8A2F980DC8E27F80 nickname cheater: Cerberus_
  5. He make a house near by mine’s and now he’s not letting me playing bc he kills me everytime I go out, that’s too frustrating!!! His Id 22DDAE8C349CE530 His name: sonyyyyy server we play (Br) #3 pls check the reports of him, make something please!
  6. HACKER IN SERVER BR1: Name: rAah ID: D70AB276556D8763
  7. Ellos dos estaban arriba usando hacks, ya que era imposible subir hasta ahí, los usuarios son foxi44 y _koki_
  8. This hacker play in eu21 servar he use hack I have a video clips check this..
  9. US Hi developers on the server EU #16 met the software that raided my clan through the SpiderMod function and killed us with HitBox Nick his teammate didar please punish them if you follow the game (thank you in advance) Here's a link to the video RU Привет разрабы на сервере EU #16 встретил софта который рейдил мои клан через функцию SpiderMod и убивал нас с помощью HitBox Ник его тимейта didar пожалуйста накажите их если вы следите за игрой(заранее спасибо) Вот сылку на видео
  10. hacker name PearenBull32 ID: DA28E06BBD15A4EA If they are gone, this game will be better.
  12. China is cheating he only hits headshots and never misses shots and he can also teleport into the floor when trapped and he can climb walls as well. His player id is EF117CE4FB54558B
  13. HACKER IN BR1 Name: Ztkautzz ID: 8A2805EA1979FFBB THIS USER USE AIMBOT
  14. We bought a prime server to get rid of the cheats in eu8, but we still encounter the same table.
  15. 2 cheaters on prime server. id: 366AB92E9FDEC939 id: F78BDA8DE2E39DA9 please ban hackers
  16. Hey catsbits support you got to fix your cheater and banned them All WE cant play anymore i go farm and killed twice and im wearing full metal you got to find solution fast here thé cheaters names !
  17. hacker name: Moira200 hacker ID: E532956A5BF72807
  18. Sr Hagrid


    4AC870A77BCC6121 este usuario tiene hacker! Lo pueden banear para que no pueda jugar más!!!
  19. Hacker SERVIDOR BR1 ID: 106891076D500860 Player's name: لوم اس
  20. Server: #Br3 ID: 35CC83F2AF28FCF5 Check your history of kills, movements, shots, etc. hacker anti ban. Thanks