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Found 50 results

  1. Меня забанили на 36 ПВП сервер во время ПВП с каким-то челом в код сете прошу меня разбавить поскольку на устройстве не было софта и т.п
  2. My account banned 2 years ago, I use cheat 1.7S , cheat was popular at 2 years ago, I use cheat and I admit that I am bad, but I realized my mistake, I ask you to unban me after 2 years
  3. I have not done anything wrong the way i play is weird but i am good i was banned for no reason and people are not even allowed to be good anymore so if i could please be unbanned that would be very nice. i worked very hard and love this game! My email is I forgot name and id but please keep level
  4. RU:Забанило без причины спокойно фармил себе на дом перезахожу так как лагало и вылетает бан (играю я на #93EU)/EU:Banned for no reason, I calmly farmed myself at home, I'm re-entering since it was lagging and the ban is flying out(i playing on #93EU) ID:3E4198C37BC4073
  5. Играю на 41 сервере спокойно фармил зашел в хату забагался на лестнице и прилетел бан
  6. Наконец я получил разбан и могу играть снова я писал разбаньте и оставлял айди A43456E5EDD322AD Но теперь мне оно не нужно ведь я получил разбан и очень благодаре вам. С уважением сектант.
  7. Leon Iran


    Hello Im Sorry For Using Cheat Please Unban Me Please Please! , My Account Name Is Leon Iran
  8. Hello, I encounter an error when entering the game, the problem is as follows. SSL CA Certificate Error My Account Name Is Leon Iran Please fix this problem
  9. Arash.promax


    6D63D7D86AC92573 unbanned pls my lvl 17.why ban
  10. Hello dear developers, my account has been blocked due to a large number of complaints, but I have not used cheats more than once. Please note and unblock your account.ID:F69CD971CA430572
  11. I'd: 411715411A2AFB31 Name: ارههههه My email: Please unban catsbit 💔😮‍💨
  12. Разбаньте мой аккаунт пожалуйста ID:E59C5EE330A4CB48 Unban my account please ID:E59C5EE330A4CB48
  13. Please unlock my account I was banned but I didn’t use cheats I don’t understand why I was banned ID:5673FC5C1BC4160E
  14. İsim:Snake81 lütfen yasağımı kaldır lütfen lütfen lütfen 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😥😥 😥😥😥😥😥
  15. Your bot blocked me by mistake [Please unblock my account. I did not cheat and your bot banned me for no reason. Please unblock me. I also bought the prime pack and spent on your game and I'm not stupid enough to cheat!!] Please unban Thanks I'd: 411715411A2AFB31 Name: ارههههه
  16. us4 sunucusunda çok adam vurduğum için ban yedim. lagından ve aimim sayesinde vurdum hile kullanmıyorum.
  17. [Unban][Prime account][mistake bann] You mistakenly banned my account that I had spent money on the game, and I was also playing on the Prime server, and it is very strange that you do not care about the players who spent money on your game, and I only because of a safe zone bug that I reported it several times and you didn't follow up. Now I fixed that bug myself and got banned, and you say for no reason that the cheat was approved and I'm not a fool to spend money in the game to go to a server that doesn't have hackers, but the server is prime from the server. There's nothing wrong with regulars now, if you don't get me permanently banned, it proves that you don't care about the players who spent money on you. I don't know why I'm really banned. Doing a bug ban is enough for a few days, but I'm ban. I became permanent and poured my money into the well Also, I had tried hard and reached my level to 15, until your game bot hit me and banned me just because of a ridiculous bug, all the players on the prime server knew me and knew that I am not a hacker because with I am a friend of many of them and I have fought with many of them. They all know that I am not a cheater, but you still listen to your robot, even though the robot says that I am a cheater, but it is just a robot, instead of these things, listen to a human. I swear by the Qur'an that I have not cheated or cheated, I swear by the imams) My name account: ارههههه My I'd account: 411715411A2AFB31 Please unban I'm banned for mistake 🥲😭 @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev
  18. Your bot blocked me by mistake Please unblock my account. I did not cheat and your bot banned me for no reason. Please unblock me. I also bought the prime pack and spent on your game and I'm not stupid enough to cheat!! My name account: ارههههه Please unban Thanks💥
  19. Dear @Catsbit.Care please unbanned my ID 3E1BACEE41383D88 I'm playing with out hack
  20. [DJ]A.T

    Un ban me

    I'm not use hack but I'm gett bann my enemy builded fake video My id=B3F4A4DEDDD5C9A
  21. Hi I'm not use hack but I'm getted bann
  22. Hello catsbits. A year ago I used to play with hacks something i regret allot. In the account I got banned I had purchased Christmas lights and that costed me 5.00 euro. I would appreciate it if you reached back to me and tell me your response P.s I have more accounts that got banned like my account that I had purchased turret pls tell me If you would be able to unban them too pls I spent allot of money on this game (I don't play with hacks anymore)
  23. I'm old oxide player and please unbanned my ID 3E1BACEE41383D88 player @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Guard Answer my comment
  24. Please unban My ID 3E1BACEE41383D88 Nickname IND/TOP/1 My favorite game oxide Survival island Please @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Guard Unbanned my ID 3E1BACEE41383D88
  25. Играю я на 97 серваке играю такой играю в один момент как нааааааа... и прилетает бан Помогите пожалуйста дорогие разработчики Мой айди 3E1BACEE41383D88 РАЗБАНЬТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА