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Easy ways to make the game better

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Since ur game is running on the Unity engine I have some suggestions: 

buy the high quality Survival pack: this pack has more detailed weapons, armor and tools and more 

Since u got the free industrial set: this set features a large variety of assest. Just make some new locations with them. And place them around the map. 


make the more interesting: 

add barrels in monuments, add fuel ️ barrels, make solo only servers by adding no code lock ( very simple) 



Fuel barrels ( 3-5 fuel)

Stone pickaxe ( 10 sticks 20 stone) 

large box ( 25 planks 15 metal frags) 

Components ( spring, gear, propane tank, sheet, rifle body, rope, pipe) 

recycler ( at every monument) 

Outpost ( a Zone were u can buy stuff for scrap and u can safely trade. It would have a workbench and a recycler) 

Airdrops ( a plane will fly over the map and drop an airdrop: every 45min-1h ) 


Radiation ☢️ ( only at large Monuments )

vehicles: ( free ones: sedan, Jeep) 

military crates: ( they would contain 10-20 scrap and components, maybe even a revolver or a shotgun and ammo) 

Crossbow ( 20 wood ? 15 metal frags, 2 rope) 

more trees and vegetation ( rivers, lakes, forests) 

Servers with limited teams: on a trio Server only u and 2 of ur friends can join

Smg: ( 2 springs 50 metal, 2 pipes )

Pipe gun ( 15 metal, 10 wood, 1 pipe)

grenades: 10 gun powder, 10 metal frags) 

double door 




hammer should be no Blueprint 

make a furnace cost fuel to craft 

make armor less strong 

make rockest very expensive 

Workbench should cost 75 wood instead of 100, but u would need 20 metal frags 

Hope u like my ideas 

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I like all of it,. let's hope rust(PC) wake up and follow it's competitors like PUBG and COD to make an mobile version of it.. RUST MOBILE ?

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