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  1. Yes this is a very good suggestion. Or things like watch 3 ads to get 1 coin
  2. 10 -15 votes should be good ( depends on pop)
  3. In order to make a simple Solo only server : - remove code locks - if one of ur friends is on the server u can’t join it. -remove item lock system -Only 1 person can authorize on the TC
  4. Yes. This is a good idea. Also there is a really good and free boat model for the devs to use @Catsbit.Care
  5. LOL. ?. But to be fair. A vote kick system isn’t that hard. it should be : when u get kicked by Anticheat than u could be vote kicked. And when u get vote kicked 1-2 u will get banned from the server for 1 day and ppl can investigate the account
  6. Yes. Oxide is just getting more p2w. Also the updates are a literal joke. The update would take 1 experienced dev 1 months not 7
  7. U cuss use the best survival asset pack for mobile game in unity. Cmon it’s not that hard to add new stuff. Also all the locations use a free asset pack. U guys could just make more locations. We want to explore. @Catsbit.Care To the devs: go to sketchfab and unity type : military base or survival *click* free : View results download free assets : make an airfield add loot spawns and radiation ☢️ in 1 hangar with the main loot ( needs a jump and run puzzle) and voila u have 1 monument done in 1-2 days. And then u add 1 more tool and component from the asset pack ( component doesn’t need a use for now) and then u have an update In 1 week. i wish I could help u guys with the development
  8. pls add something like this. U guys can literally use free assets. Go to the unity asset store or sketchfab. also u guys can update the game using this 14$ pack which has some amazing and good models and is the recreating of the pack that u guys are using which is not available anymore ???? u guys can use the HQ Survival pack to make the game 1000000% better i want the asset pack so bad ???
  9. Why so much p2w. Also pls make smaller update every months or so. That only add 2-3 things. New tools, new food item, new resource, etc @Catsbit.Care
  10. We need 6 major things : components system ( pipes, gears, propane tanks, sewing kits, rope) recycling system ( every major monument would have a recycler ( factory/ power plant) hemp plants ( 10 cloth each) more monuments ( harbor, lighthouse, small factory, airfield) safezone ( with shops and trading) BETTER GRAPHICS ( add more trees, better lighting, better skybox, rain ( would be toggled like grass ( would still have the dark blue theme) flowers, and rocks were we could build on.
  11. Some of us maybe a computer. So why can’t the community just make assets that will be send to the devs to help them making a new monument or so. And devs. I know which asset packs u guys are using. It’s not hard to add items to the game. Maybe make smaller update with just 2-3 features?? Like adding a new tool or melee weapon or adding a new food type? @catsbitdevs
  12. Ye the AR looks like a Shotgun and all in all the guns suck. They got so many guns in the asset pack that they are using. They should add more variety. Smg double barrel And make the guns more HQ. The iron sights suck. There is a asset pack called HQ survival pack and it’s the same just with more details. and they should add a crossbow
  13. The graphics are so bad. How can ur phone not run them ?
  14. Since ur game is running on the Unity engine I have some suggestions: buy the high quality Survival pack: this pack has more detailed weapons, armor and tools and more Since u got the free industrial set: this set features a large variety of assest. Just make some new locations with them. And place them around the map. make the more interesting: add barrels in monuments, add fuel ⛽️ barrels, make solo only servers by adding no code lock ( very simple) suggestions: Fuel barrels ( 3-5 fuel) Stone pickaxe ( 10 sticks 20 stone) large box ( 25 planks 15 metal frags) Components ( spring, gear, propane tank, sheet, rifle body, rope, pipe) recycler ( at every monument) Outpost ( a Zone were u can buy stuff for scrap and u can safely trade. It would have a workbench and a recycler) Airdrops ( a plane will fly over the map and drop an airdrop: every 45min-1h ) Fishing Radiation ☢️ ( only at large Monuments ) vehicles: ( free ones: sedan, Jeep) military crates: ( they would contain 10-20 scrap and components, maybe even a revolver or a shotgun and ammo) Crossbow ( 20 wood ? 15 metal frags, 2 rope) more trees and vegetation ( rivers, lakes, forests) Servers with limited teams: on a trio Server only u and 2 of ur friends can join Smg: ( 2 springs 50 metal, 2 pipes ) Pipe gun ( 15 metal, 10 wood, 1 pipe) grenades: 10 gun powder, 10 metal frags) double door CHANGES: hammer should be no Blueprint make a furnace cost fuel to craft make armor less strong make rockest very expensive Workbench should cost 75 wood instead of 100, but u would need 20 metal frags Hope u like my ideas