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On 4/25/2021 at 11:27 PM, MrMeowmers said:

Mildly confusing on what you just said... but ok.

it is confusing, but someone willing to spend 10 minutes staring at a single message (aka someone who's very bored, like me) can decode it. 

"this for only building stuff like make better walls like stone for a better defence  wood wall suck and break fast by weapens and put fences for more building options hope this helps" 

what he says is that he thinks there should be a stone wall that would be stronger because he thinks wood wall is weak ("like make better walls like stone for a better defence  wood wall suck")

this part here says he wants "break fast by weapens", probably a reference to something in a cutscene in another favorite game of theirs (this person clearly doesn't have stable mental health, so stay with me)

they also say they want fences for more building options. as said in ("put fences for more building options")



I hope this helped you understand this rant lol

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