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  1. Mildly confusing on what you just said... but ok.
  2. Interesting..... I might start playing again
  3. Well that’s not gonna happen boomer
  4. Catsbit doesn’t care about 1 person and his shitty clan
  5. Bruh shut up and stop your stupid clan thanks
  6. True, I think they should add a feature where you can pick up items after death or logging off so the items aren’t wasted
  7. But then SS would be a copy of Rust. Not saying that’s a bad idea though.
  8. Survivor, I’ve been messaging you on discord since July, what happened?
  9. Please remove the building limit Catsbit, please
  10. MrMeowmers


    Catsbit, please, most of my friends are quitting SS so please get it done as quickly as possible
  11. I have one question. When is the rocket launcher update coming out? A lot of my friends are quitting SS until the new update drops. So please respond to this and tell me when the new update is coming out. Thank You. -MrMeowmers