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    1 - Puts the character to sleep on the map after disconnecting 2 - Everything you need to add to the game C4 TNT WHITE POWDER BOXES ON THE STREET NEW PARTS FOR CREATION OF C4 TNT BAZUCA WEAPONS TO MAKE PROWYS MORE DIFFICULT PLANT BY MAP WITH FRUITS MORE PLACES TO PICK UP ITEMS ADD STATION AND GASOLINE ADD NEW FURNACE ADD HORSES ADD BOTS IN CATCH DROP PLACES ADD TRACKERS FOR BASE PROTECTION ADD TRIANGULAR FOUNDATION, CEILINGS, ETC NEW ARMOR ADD SKIN, EVENTS ADD THE OPTION TO CREATE PAID SERVER Get inspired by Last day rules Survival I know the game is inspired by Rust but you putting some things like Last can be very top for the game I ask you to put item and other things to buy more don't make the game pw Like buy to be strong in the game, just don't do it!
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    В настройках игры зайдите и там будет написано Google Play Service и туда нажмите на кнопку.