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  1. Why no new gun and no melee spears
  2. Make the shotgun have more damage than hunting rifle if all of the pellets hit please buff the shotgun
  3. In next update add stone spears and melee spears that have long melee range
  4. Pls make the shotgun more damage and make the spears melee weapons with longer melee range in next update
  5. In next update pls buff the shotgun and add melee spears
  6. Triangle roof and foundation and metal tools and ammo spawning in crates
  7. Make spears melee weapons and add stone spear
  8. Spear should be melee and can be thrown
  9. He shot me really far away and he was shooting really fast but he was using a hunting rifle
  10. Merasmus gaming


    Get admins to ban cheaters from servers
  11. Add cloth armour and hemp plants to get cloth without trying to find animals
  12. Merasmus gaming


    And he used rust trailer in the background of totlas trailer
  13. You can make that happen to a person using boulder and other ingredient but I not tell what other ingredient to do that
  14. Must have 100 percent battery and must live alone so no one disturbs to research all
  15. Yes farm plot and potatoes and corn farm plot cost 25 wood
  16. Melee spears and stone spear wooden spear attack speed is like attack speed of iron pick axe but has low durability