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  1. I bet you used Hacker before and you're seeing how reality is using it lol
  2. He's not a hacker you're bad, he records with aries games and just go to his channel, he's very good at Pvp just like me
  3. Caslu

    Oxide in Alpha

    Can you explain to me why you're still in Alpha, it's been 1 year and it's still like this?
  4. Caslu

    Update News UPD

    You have to update this every month, it's been 3 months without an update and you're still waiting for Apple to release it, and the problem is on Android For God's sake, be more professional at what you do.
  5. Caslu

    Update News UPD

    Okay, let's get to the point. account with login social network you can have total security of your purchase, and the guest doesn't, and hackers easily creating account in guest mode, that's it and the real reason for hackers to play quietly with another app clone app, I just don't want to hack in the game if you don't want to log in and because you're a Cheating lkk
  6. Caslu

    Prime BR

    Are you going to add a prime BR server? Because it's too bad to play us on the current server!!
  7. Caslu

    Update News UPD

    Did you know all games with social network login have this function right? And the social network login you can log in on any cell phone with your account, and with your Guest account you will only be able to play on the cell phone you use, and if you sell it or it becomes defective you will lose your account hehe
  8. Caslu

    Update News UPD

    If you bought something in the game, you should link your google account so you don't lose it! It's very easy to create a Guest account that's why it's full of Hackers!
  9. Caslu

    Update News UPD

    lE only link your account already Google that you can't it, this makes it difficult for hackers to easily create accounts in the game!
  10. Caslu

    Update News UPD

    Why don't you remove Guest mode, or put servers separate from others?
  11. Caslu

    Update News

    It's been 1 year and they still haven't solved the disconnect, the bazuka damage, an item that disappears from the force after breaking, among other bugs that should have been solved by now!
  12. Caslu

    Content Creators

    I wanted to know why he doesn't pay full attention to content creators, any idea direct contact, through the forum and horrible to communicate with the Dev and we don't have full attention to what we should receive
  13. Caslu

    Content Creators

    You don't care about your content creators do you?
  14. I've had this idea for a long time, too bad I was always ignored!! This would be very good to control hackers, and we can also create whatsapp groups for all participants to have control of everything in the competition! Another good idea for this is to add an option that the server owner with him drops the loot, puts an award something to be disputed like a medal with a ranking in the lobby!