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    It would be cool if you could add /home that means if you have a sleeping bag you can just type in chat /home and teleport to home or will navigate you to your home and command /sethome where you can set your home location obviously.
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    Да меня тоже интересует Все говорили было написано 17 февраля
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    Hi it dont make me angry and yes it is already fix
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    Until hacking, esp harrassment, high bullet damage, aim assist, big head mode etc are dealt with, i sincerely hope you dont add pvp timer... it is the only current defense against hacking. Adding pvp timer will make sure the hacker gets his kill. Same thing with raid timer. what we need are things and additions that help legit players against the hackers. Like give us ladders, so even legit players can get to a roof, or give us spikes on walls, or spikes we can put on our roofs. Making every gun have a laser that shows exaxtly where you are pounting will also help with video evidence to show hacking. The people complaining about DC etc... are likely the ones who arw using third party programs anyway, and dont want their advantage taken away. The best advice any dev should take PLAY YOUR GAME as tho you where a customer.
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    Пока в этой игре нету привязки аккаунтов по номеру телефона , читов тут так и будет куча ..
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