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    hello to whoever is reading this! I have some suggestions, some are compiled from earlier messages and others are my own. I hope you enjoy reading this, wether it's out of boredom, curiosity, or trying to get ideas. 1. transportation suggestions: a form of transportation or speeding up. some ask for cars (unrealistic in ss) but I think that anything from leather boots boosting movement speed to riding boars would work and be realistic. 2. foraging suggestions: maybe add a form of mining as of now all you can do is hit rocks and get metal/stone. cave systems would add an incentive for people to explore, and more ores would provide more time people spend on your game. 3. gun suggestions: add bullets. it's confirmed you're adding bullets, but I think that if you do you should also remove gun durability so people don't have to worry about 2 bars. another thing you might add is magazines, because as of now you can just fire weapons until they break without reloading. 4. building suggestions: maybe you should add stronger walls, such as stone or metal. wood walls aren't very strong and are easy to break into. since stone is about as common as wood, you should make it where you need a lot of stone or stone AND wood to make a stone wall. 5. combat suggestions: you should add metal armor, because leather armor being the best armor is boring af. another thing you should add is an offhand, you could use this to carry a shield (to reduce damage taken) or even wield akimbo pistols. (all it does it increase capacity and fire rate, makes longer reload and lowers accuracy) these ideas probably suck lol
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    MaxCUU means the amount Maximum ConCurrent (active) Users has been reached. The server has reached the maximum amount of players it can support (e.g 1000 players at once). It can only be fixed if the developers upgrade their servers. You can either: come back when player numbers are lower or keep trying to connect if someone leaves.
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    It is enough!! When will the update come? You didn't tell the exact date! Take photos on Instagram! I'm following
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    -Make it possible to LOAD maps on single player mode. -Add the function to export/import maps, so that players can share their creations. -Make the building system as simple and efficient as Cubic Sandbox, so that there is no space between the walls. That can spare a lot of work, reduce the amount of props in the map and improve the appearance of buildings. -Add more wall formats and sizes (image1: some suggestions). -Add more stairs, with different directions. -(Image2) Add a search function in the inventory, to find props easily (it's not so important now, but if you add a lot of props just like in Cubic Sandbox it will definitely be useful).
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    Hi there, There are many messages describing this crappy guy Ivy. We are so sorry it happens in our game.. Concerning the game SandBox 3D. Unfortunately, there is no possibility from our part to block him. So, please, make everything possible in order to stop him playing: mute, block, avoid by any means. Discord: There's no official discord Sandbox 3D! Any Discord Sandbox 3D that you see is created by the funs of our game! Please, try to ask the creator to block or apply to the Discord administration. Please, do not let such players damage the game and players!
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    NOTE: these suggestions are by user "vadim" but were in russian. I used google translate on them, something mose of you are probably unwilling to do considering its first appearance. suggestion is as following: Hello, the game is not bad, but there are many disadvantages: 1. Do not block doors. Could add a lock or the ability to close the door with a board; 2. Chests who want to open; 3. Poor archery. There is no sight when aiming at a target; 4. You can not add people to friends (parties). This is necessary so that outsiders do not enter the house; 5. Wooden structures are easily broken with weapons; 6. There is no hand-to-hand and you cannot hit with a spear in the vicinity; 7. Endurance ends quickly; 8. The automatic turning on of the light of the chandelier at night cannot be turned off. There are also many cracks in the built house. All movements around the house are known, including light. Stakes are the only defenses in the game. Do not inflict any damage on opponents. Due to the fact that they are small, it is easy to jump over them. Ammo is endless in the game Fix it all up somehow please
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    it is confusing, but someone willing to spend 10 minutes staring at a single message (aka someone who's very bored, like me) can decode it. "this for only building stuff like make better walls like stone for a better defence wood wall suck and break fast by weapens and put fences for more building options hope this helps" what he says is that he thinks there should be a stone wall that would be stronger because he thinks wood wall is weak ("like make better walls like stone for a better defence wood wall suck") this part here says he wants "break fast by weapens", probably a reference to something in a cutscene in another favorite game of theirs (this person clearly doesn't have stable mental health, so stay with me) they also say they want fences for more building options. as said in ("put fences for more building options") I hope this helped you understand this rant lol
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    Hi, i am new at the game and i think it can be a great game but there are alot of things to fix and add. My question is: are you planing to upgrade the game soon or anytime?? Thats it thanks!!!!
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    Oh, never mind. I joined one.