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    Survival Simulator; Kick Hi there, I believe you should remove the "Kick" feature in Survival Simulator. In my opinion, I figure that it damages the spirit of raiding, and eliminating others. It is very annoying to raid someone, and eliminate them only to be kicked out with a press of a button. Anyways, this is just a suggestion but I hope you take it into consideration. It would most definitely give it more a "Survival" atmosphere. I appreciate all your hard work. Thanks for reading. Best Regards, Survivor
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    Please listen to the community and remove the prop limit once and for all.
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    True, the hackers completely ruins everyone else's experience of the game. It's near impossible to play fair without some hacker ruining the experience for everyone. The reason behind why I stuck with this game for so long is because it had an amazing community with people from across the globe, but the developers just seem to not care and just leave their game to be crowded with hackers. I do not play this game anymore, but I will wait patiently for their next announcement when time comes. These were just my thoughts. Sincerely, Survivor
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    So what if the developer/developers (I can't find much about the people who work for catsbit so I don't know if it is just one person or not) added other plants (instead of just trees) like maybe berry Bushes and other things.
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    This game is. Let's face it. Pretty lame... But I have some ideas to make it better.. First things first, All players are tired of trying to find there friend In some server. So add a friend list and let players be able to find there friends way easier, Second of all, add a tools section in shop. Containing, A paint tool, be able to paint you walls, floors, doors, etc, Modifier, the ability of this is to be able to change a behavior of a object. For example, Set a door to only allow selected players through, Set a transparency level, Set a vehicle to when someone enters the vehicle it can explode (would be a nice gag to do on your friends),, NEW MAPS, the more the merrier. so here are some interesting maps I and some friends came up with, #1 water world with a few islands. #2 snow mountain. Lots of snow and mountains. #3 dirt flats, all level ground no lumps or bumps, NEW VEHICLES, more vehicles means more fun. So here's a list of new vehicles I thought would be fun to have, #1 hydroplane, for the water world, #2 snowmobile, for snow mountain, #3 planes, because helicopters aren't enough, #4 tank, because they would be fun to shoot at people (would come with a hefty price but worth the money), #5 flying car, it would be great to be able to fly and drive around with the same vehicle, GUNS,. Shotgun, machine gun, Sniper, RPG, throwing knife, etc, RANDOM, NPC's, yoi can give them commands with modifier, SET PLAYER BANNING, cause there are some people you don't want on you server, That's all for now. Plz add you suggestions in the comments. Thx for reading
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    I play in an emulator on my pc so I don't have that problem. but this makes me oblivions to the fact that others may be experiencing lag, so sometimes when people join my server the lag is so bad they have to leave, in conclusion having a fast phone (or PC) is more of a curse. ~bjb