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    Hi everyone, we are testing the new anticheat system. At the moment we see that it kicks cheaters only. BUT in case you are kicked for NO reason, please report this: - reply in this topic; - precise the device you play on; - send the record where we can clearly see that you don't use any cheats and get kicked. Thanks in advance for assistance
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    Hey Catsbit.Care + Dev, I have a great suggestion for the game, [User ID on the In-game screen] Let me explain. Well we have alot of video's on YouTube about people using cheats Or people sending screenshot of their game, what some times contained Scripts programs <GG, Braga, BR> [forgot the other one] So my suggestion is to make a small text under or above the screen what contains their User ID + the date of the screenshot / video So that their User ID is soo good to catch and make sure they get them self banned I will include a picture of what I basically mean with this. So far this is the best suggestion regarding the [Still working Cheat issues] (I Came to the idea because someone on our discord server did send a screenshot that did had the GG logo in the middle of the screen )
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    Hi everyone, I have one more question that i would like to discuss with you. We want to prohibit the use of items (especially weapons) that are not researched We think it might put spoke in cheaters wheels, because they couldn't share with each other etc What do you think of it? Please share your opinion on this topic
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    All of them are confirmed cheaters Banned
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    Hey everyone that has experienced regarding the bugs with the [Buggy] This are the know problems so far the developers know about. • Chat function <Not working > Buggy + Chopper • decaying <Can't be repaired yet > •Exiting the Buggy <Kicked for cheating and get spawned miles away from it > • Unknown death by Buggy <Still working out how> ..... The chopper can't go above some mountains due the high limit of it. Want to exit the Buggy without being kicked? Disconnect and rejoin. [ The Buggy will be spawned few meters away ] .... How the 2 new features work? The Buggy and the chopper can only be crafted by paying for it in the Store, and this also counts for the placement and use of this features. This has been done so that not all the players can use this to overwhelm the server's since it can cause alot of Lagg or problems for the use in the servers. [Remember it's a new entity and it can cause alot of issues] And you are just a BETA tester for using it to find out basic problems so that not everyone has to deal with it. And are going to spamm the same issue over and over 100 times. And alot of you can come up with alot of ideas regarding both of them. Don't be shy with your suggestions
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    При проверке репортов мы проверяли ваш аккаунт и вы были забанены за читы, все верно
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    [EN] We are not currently hiring. If there are some positions open, we will notify you in the topic "News" and give there all the details. [RU] В данный момент у нас нет набора на позиции администраторов/модераторов. Если будет, мы сделаем публикацию в теме "Новости", где и расскажем о всех деталях.
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    After the new anti-cheat, I am not being kicked out of my helicopter when exiting it. awesome stuff, thanks catsbit.
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    Este hacker hacks de rapides siempre para raideando casas con sus hacks su nombre es pyct esta en el ser US#16
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    Only letters and [Normal numbers] Not anything regarding Symbols This includes also different types of Fronts
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    Hey @frog soup It seems like you brought a ``dead Cow out of the ground`` [Figure of speech] And the video of Memeios Is not truly the full story of this. I know Johnny very well. And he even send me full story [Including the part of memeios his girlfriend chat] And his part 2 made the game look so bad because that was his intention. And the funny thing was he did know Johnny was not the developer. And just called Johnny that to make the game look bad [Because he thinks it's a copy of rust] And he needs content and that is what he got. And besides all of that I play daily with Johnny. And Johnny is not the easiest person to talk with. He has his moments. But if you look past that. Then he is a great friend Basically Johnny can be a D-head but also in the funniest way Johnny ain't his real InGameName but I keep that secret [Privacy Policy] I hope this clear everything for you. Because this was a big issue <FEW MONTHS AGO...> So can we stop arguing about this? And just move past it al. ~Thanks.
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    Dear catsbit, why the fuck did you fix combat before fixing anticheat. Me and my clan have built a massive compound that cant be entered unless your a hacker or use rockets on the walls. Ive got 5 people inside the compound all hackers, i stand no chance to them because COMBAT is fixed. This is a major issue and should've been delt with before releasing transport and pve servers. Im going to download screen recording software because ive been kill countless times now because of hackers, its been 2 weeks now and i havnt managed to get rocket laucher and rockets because i keep dying to hackers.
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    Здрастуйте, да разработчики занимаються анти читом и новой функцией бана!
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    Still getting error loading in on PVE 58. You asked for a short video on it. How it attempts to connect. This used to happen on older versions of the game. But found it doing it on this server. Might lose all my progress because of this happening. Maybe the server needs a restart? Record_2022-06-30-18-15-56.mp4
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    Solo que no he tenido la oportunidad de grabarlo porque no sale su nombre ademas que nos mata con su aimbot y su automatica realmente ese hacker es un fastidio nadie puede farmear en paz porque no se escucha sus pasos ni se ve donde estan algunos de mis amigos dice que para flotar y que no se le puede ver su nombre ya enviado vsrios reportar de el dentro del juego pero hasta ahora no lo baneen me parece que el reportar dentro del juego no sirve para nada
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    anony tiene razon el jeferson yo juego en el mismo serve que el. hacker nos da mucha rabia porque ese usa aimbot ademas que para invisible y nos anda matando a todo nuestro aparte que nos para insultaldo diciendonos bots
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    Óxido - Survival Island_2022-06-23-07-15-57_001.mp4 Óxido - Survival Island_2022-06-23-07-15-57_001.mp4 Oxide - Survival Island_2022-06-23-07-15-57_001.mp4
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    Tengo ya grabado solo qur no me deja publicarlo me aprece -200 cuando quiero publicarlo
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    Sorry we have to see the nickname on the record, in order to avoid mistakes
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    Your nickname is changed
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    Thanks for your suggestions, but at the moment we have more important things to do..
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    Не, покачто нету набора. Оно будет в вк пост или на этом форуме
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    Like I have said earlier. Everyone did complain about No damage. And said hey Catsbit.Care we can deal with the hackers. We just want pvp back. And you Everyone starts to complain about the damage issues being fixt before the anti cheat. So please dont switch the confiscation that you perfur not to have damage fixt before anti chest was working. And besides all of this. Everyone complained about WHERE IS THE UPDATE WE NEED A UPDATE!! Can you please atleast understand they can't do infact everything at the same time?? Anti cheat [ Takes time ] Damage bug [ Took time ] Updating the Game [ Takes time...] But they are working on a improvement of the anti cheat in the future. [Not saying they will improve it with the next update]
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    the hackers are killing everyone over and over I cannot play the game when they're online please ban that hackers here's my proof
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    All of them are banned
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    Desearia que Agregaran unacion al buggy y al helicoptero solo si el dueno lo permita como si fuera un armario osea solo personas autorizadas pueden entrar al buggy o al helicoptero eso estaria genial ya que algunas personas no tienen targetas de credito para poder comprar un buggy o un helicoptero
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    Dear forum community. Before posting a new topic please make sure the question / suggestion / bug/gliches. are not yet been said in the Forum. I understand you wana do your own topic. But this issue makes the developers have to read all new topic's that has been created.while the topic with the same information already has been said with a reply on it. When I'm allowed to make a new topic? If you question / suggestion / bug/glitch is not in the first 3 page's feel free to make a new one. Why do I need to check it? I just wana come on forums and make a topic that's faster. 1• Indeed that's faster for you. But understand this it takes alot of time to reply on all the topics some needs more information then the other ones. 2• Sometimes the right reply has already been send in that other topic what makes it faster to fix it by your self. 3• this dont mean for player reports. I hope you all can appreciate my message. < I made this topic since I see basically everyday the same questions / suggestions. > Greetings xAnony ``Any questions feel free to ask me below or in a private message.``
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    Hey everyone I have made a short video how you are able to fix the problem. it may take a few tries but it works 100%
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    к сожалению это пока невозможно после обновления Oxide Survival Island это будет возможно Вы поместили это сообщение не в ту игру. это симулятор выживания.
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    Is there any way to add a few more roleplay items? Fireplaces rugs barbed tabels and chairs stuff in this purely visual based items that add depth but wouldn't need for a drastic change in the way the game is fundamentally played just to add a little substance while the rest of the deep content is tried tested and created.
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    in case you haven't seen, redxmlme is the user with the most likes. but the people who are liking their posts seem to be odd, most have no content count and no profile picture, and the ones who do are just active members who liked their posts. is it possible they used alternative accounts to like their own posts? here's an example, look who liked their post: jadethehumanone and catsbit reacted, but a whole bunch of other random accounts with no posts did as well; 26 of them
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    Now your just bragging lmao
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    He is a youtuber that fakes his content, pretty sure he uses alts, here is also proof that all he does is fake his videos: https://youtu.be/Esj8wKTa6Hg
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    You are fucking sped you retarded piece of shit, rp games are something completely else, you even said it was a "sandbox" game, now cry about it since your opinion is wrong you little dweeb
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    Is your job on the forums to be an annoying little fucking cunt? Shut the fuck up. I'm right. You're wrong you retarded dumbass. And my profile picture isn't even from an anime you asshole.
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    Wait for that base to decay. Or use a alt account to destroy the foundation
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    You are fucking retarded, it's a sandbox game not a roleplay game you low life anime pfp, sure you can rp, but it doesn't make it some rp game, now stop being illiterate you annoying fuck.
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