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    So fun, but nope, we’re not dead. i will show up soon for more information
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    Hello - @Catsbit.Care / @Catsbit.Dev All people again are asking the same thing. Here we are again, asking the same thing, since january you told update was 70%, and now 5 months, and 6 from update, has been passed, and we keep still here, waiting for a just update to remove cheaters, and reply. but all people is tired, we are been waiting 6 month, and you come only in fórum to reply cheaters and bugs, but keep ignoring us in update time or questions like. now, 7s tools has been cracked, and half of servers is hacking. Is your fault? No, i know isn't your fault. But what can you do? update the game for we play the game without suffer by cheaters. please, reply your players, you abandoned your game, or tired tho? 😓 I guess we deserve to know.. @Catsbit.Care
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    Catsbit died ? Banned this hacker:5289A3BD012F44A1
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    Banned Us4 all hacker soany people use hack but he didn't banned because everyone don't know how to report. i have proof 2 people use Aimbot hack us4hacker ID:F99D36AD333A3F2C he toxic His Hacker friend ID:A3D0BFFA43ED5ABC
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    Yes, everyone is really tired and wants to know if there is an update or not. Because now months have passed and every time you say update soon. During this time that you want to give an update, 7s tools or ..... has updated more than ten versions of the hack. Please let us know exactly what are you doing?
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    Devs why did u ban my acc n i have never been using cheats like forever n after i came to school i load the game i join my server n guess what i get instant kicked from server n what i saw is u got permanent ban like why n that acount have all my purchases in the game so i will jeed refund if u dont unban me by the end of the day this anti cheat of urs needs to ficlxed i get banned for no reason n i never hack the game in my life
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    1B9A48C8481904DB сервер 93 еу Доказательств нет но если зайти на сервер там дохуя читеров безмамных, например дя дя саша. и так далее, там спросить любого он скажет кто читер
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    Я разраб под прикрытием , обнова в конце лета на день рождения оксида
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    Когда будет нормальний античит?
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    Well i have to say here slick is compleately right i cant say anything about it
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    I posted saying that this is far as the game is getting developed and the developer gave up... why did you delete my post if it's not true huh buddy??
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    Age restricted words?? Like fuck, shit, etc?? These kids talking about fuck your mom and I hope she dies and kill yourself. I have been playing this game since it first came out, I have seen it all the kids are worse then adults
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    I totally agree, no one can claim otherwise.
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    iD 865293B58524F403 Проход сквозь стены
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    Hi there, As you all know, today we released a new update that is meant to decrease the amount of cheaters in the game. It doesn't mean that you won't encounter any cheater in the game. You certainly will. So, now you have to turn on PLAYERS ID in the settings and make records of cheaters. Besides that, you can send reports in the game itself. Cheaters will be banned. And the creation of a new account won't be so easy in case of ban, they will value more what they have. Btw now you can copy the player id instead of making a screenshot. By the player id you'll see a special sign to copy, and then insert here on the forum. Because of fake accounts, we don't ban players for abusive language just with screenshots. If you see any abusive language, please make a record and in the record itself please choose the player in the player list. Here's a good example: If there's no answer to your post, it means that a) you haven't precised all the data required b) there's no cheating approved. I DON'T ACCCEPT ANY PLAYERS REPORTS IN PRIVATE MESSAGES, PLEASE STOP SPAMMING
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    Well bro the devs check game logs, and they see if a player uses hacks or not. So if they banned you they caught you cheating plain and simple 🤣🤣
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    Факт читерства подтвержден