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    Hi there, As you all know, today we released a new update that is meant to decrease the amount of cheaters in the game. It doesn't mean that you won't encounter any cheater in the game. You certainly will. So, now you can turn on PLAYERS ID in the settings and make records of cheaters. Besides that, you can send reports in the game itself. Cheaters will be banned. And the creation of a new account won't be so easy in case of ban, they will value more what they have. Btw now you can copy the player id instead of making a screenshot. By the player id you'll see a special sign to copy, and then insert here on the forum.
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    Hi there, Finally we got Apple approval. The wipe will be within the next hours. Thanks for your waiting! To be continued..
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    As the previous topic is full, i created a new one. So, if you have the error ERROR: WRONG NICKNAME, please precise here: 1. your player id; 2. your new desired nickname. Thanks in advance
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    Да я согласен с этим челиком когда я строю тоже клановую базу то в шкафе мало слот чтобы содержать билда
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    Хочу чтобы в шкафе было10 слот а то когда строю клановый базы шкаф жрет в день 8к камень 10к дерево 3 к металл а в шкафе толька 5 слот и по этому толька на 5 часов стоит если зделаете 10 слот то будем очень офигенно пожалуйста разработчики зделайте в шкафе 10 слот
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    What's new: - Separated servers for guests and authorized players (8 servers for guests); - Restricted use of unlearnt items; - Added new settings in the main menu; - Fixed splash damage through walls from rockets; - Fixed some bugs with "Buggy" and "Copter"; - Fixed a lot of minor bugs. * I remind that this update is meant to fix current bugs andimproved the situation with cheaters. The update with new items is planned before Halloween. * The message GUESTS ACCESS DENIED means that this server is ONLY for authorized players. You have to sign in in settings or choose servers for guests. Что нового: - Разделение серверов для авторизованных и неавторизованных игроков (8 серверов для неавторизованных игроков); - Неизученные предметы теперь нельзя использовать; - Добавлены новые настройки в главном меню; - Исправлен сплеш урон сквозь стены от ракет; - Исправлены некоторые баги с "Багги" и "Коптером"; - Исправлено много мелких багов. * Напоминаю, что это обновление нацелено на борьбу с читерами и устранению текущих багов. Обновление с новыми предметами будет к Хэллуину. * Если вы заходите на сервер и видите ошибку GUESTS ACCESS DENIED, это значит, что данный сервер предназначен ТОЛЬКО для авторизированных игроков.
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    PVP is likely to be with the next server update (one of these days)
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    @Catsbit.Care Pls Listen U need to fix pvp and others useless thing.... Asap We dont need another month to wait.
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    One TC slot now? Can’t have any more? Seriously? You literally can’t keep a base up if you can’t keep upkeep. Tech Tree is alright. PVP has gotten even worse. Damage bug still persists. What is going on?! We waited for 3 months for this, and this is what we get?
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    @Catsbit.Care U didnt even fix whats the most important bugs and glitch thats need to be fix...Its just got worst
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    So this is what you said dedicated on bugs and glitches to fix?? Its just got worse. The BUGS and GLITCH just got INCREASED...omg PVP got worse wtf u cant only make damage when headshot. Monuments stuck doesnt even fix. What Did U just Fix???What the hell is happening on you @Catsbit.Care?? If this Update Still doesnt change, in this 24hrs This month before The next update It will be trash game...
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    Why did u lock non researched items ...what is the point of that ..it just makes the game more anoying and more grinding in the start and pls start game banning ppl like ip ban like in pc rust ....make it that first game ban is a 1 year ban from logging servers and a 15 days from guest servers than if he cheats again a permanent ban from logging servers ..and than when the game get big replace guest servers with non moderated servers like in pc rust ..and pls focus on the pvp we dont care about graphics that much ..add gyroscope and aim sensitivity
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    Zero tolerance for cheating??? Prime server still has hackers?
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    - Will you ever create a new server where there are no rockets so you can’t damage bases but all guns still do damage to other players so we can still kill players. I would really like you to add this server type as pve can be boring sometimes so it would be cool to still have fun killing players but everyone can still have fun Building and keeping their bases. I don’t mean to add this feature to the pve servers I mean to create one or two servers with this option so guns are still used for pvp but rockets stay locked and no one can use rockets. - Also can you increase server restart warning from 10 seconds to like 30 seconds so we have more time to organise stuff like landing our helis etc - can you also make it so we can eat and drink while driving vehicles.
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    I seen alot of people suggesting that you guys should add C4 and satchel but if by any chance you guys did add those, can you atleast make the stone wall and metal wall more durable to damage, like it takes 4 rockets to destroy a stone wall in rust but only 2 in oxide. Players now rarely use the armor door since they know whatever doors you use in your base raiders just go straight for the core and not consider destroying the door one by one. Also mentioning how abundant of sulfure and metal the map is. It is very easy to make multiple rockets once you researched them. So keeping a base is very hard but not as hard as maintaining one consdering how expensive big bases upkeep cost and external walls right now does little to nothing since people can just built and jump over them and gives raiders more advantages in raiding since they can walk on top of the wall and gives them a good view on what part they should blow the base but my point make them taller or add spikes on top and if maybe just maybe you could just increase the range of the tc that would really help alot.
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    Ну видео еслиб предоставили то неплохо было, так как разработчик увидет видео и поймёт а так ему нужно зайти в игру и повторить то что вы написали:)
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    Hi there, Yes, i've banned him
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    Hi there, The fix update is already available for Google Play and for App Store
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    Игрок при входе в игру соглашается с нашими правилами. Можно считать, что это и есть его первое предупреждение
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    On Apple devices the chat isn't still working. The version is on moderation.
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    Hi there, We are not planning to sell Oxide at any price. We have a lot of plans for this game. But thanks for your offer
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    Hi there, Thanks for your question. @[𝐂𝐂] 𝐱𝐀𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐲 did a great job with translating into new languages, unfortunately i didn't have enough time to check it out and integrate into the game. When i do it, you will see the announcement in the topic News.
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    UPD Hi everyone, I want to reply at once to all your questions. Now there are two major bugs: - chat doesn't work; - there's only one slot in the cupboard. These bugs are already fixed. The fix update is on moderation since yesterday. You'll enjoy the normal version one of these days. PVP will be fixed with the next server update. Thanks for your patience! Добрый день, Сразу отвечу на все ваши вопросы. Сейчас в игре 2 основных бага: - не работает чат; - в шкафу только один слот. Эти баги уже решены. Обновление с решением на рассмотрении со вчерашнего дня. ПВП будет исправлен со следующим обновлением серверным. Спасибо за ваше терпение!
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    Ранее уже написал пост, поиграв еще некоторое время хочу добавить несколько предложений, а именно: 1) Хотелось бы видеть в игре кнопку с помощью которой можно оглянуться назад во время движения, это бы очень повысило игровой опыт, а именно в плане сражений, мне на данный момент очень не хватает этой функции, когда я от кого то убегаю то не знаю бегут ли за мной, поскольку человек прыгает что не дает мне услышать шаги (также считаю это проблемой) 2) Не знаю как правильно изложить мысль в словах, но нам нужна кнопка атаки такая, чтобы по нажатии можно было двигать камеру, а не задействовать несколько пальцев, это ухудшает опыт стрельбы из разного вида оружия, а для лука я бы рекомендовал сделать систему стрельбы отдельной, конкретно так: по нажатии атаки персонаж прицеливается и натягивает титеву лука, но не стреляет пока кнопка нажата, мне кажется это неплохая идея, хоть я нигде этого не встречал. 3) Очень сильно не хватает слотов в печке, хотелось бы видеть 2-3 слота, возможность разделять ресурсы есть, а пользу свою в полной мере это не приносит как в оригинальной игре 4) Хотелось бы видеть в игре треугольные фундаменты, не знаю насколько это сложно реализовать, думаю займет не мало времени, но все же хотелось бы видеть их, так же хочется чтобы фундамент регулировался по высоте, чтобы строить различного вида базы на разном ландшафте, сейчас все базы однообразны, не очень интересна стройка 5) Отдельная рекомендация, видно ваши старания, очень большой вклад в игру, но очень медленное развитие, хотелось бы поддержать вас, я думаю я не один такой, но не все обладают бюджетом чтобы вкладывать деньги в игру, пожалуйста, добавьте в игру немного рекламмы в виде поощрения за просмотр разными видами ресурсов, даже пусть в мизерном количестве, при этом ограничив периодичность просмотра для соблюдения баланса, я думаю это не плохо что люди будут получать ресурсы взамен поддерживая вашу команду. На этом все, надеюсь меня слышно
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    Sure......in a perfect world maybe. But this isn’t the case lol clearly you don’t play the game. Because it promotes interactions between players. They can trade items, give items to new players. It gives a reason to raid bases. To get loot you don’t have. And hate to break it to you. But hackers where already building high walls and gates with guns within the hour of the update release. Now pvp is just like it was but with a disadvantage to fresh spawns. And pve servers are flooded with high walls. Ultimately blocking off everything.
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    The update is out. You can update now! Cheers
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    I would like to see 4 slots back
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    Мы конечно же Как сбить на это не ответит Зачем на это отвечать это же мы добавили чтобы было проще всем игрокам так этого не просите вы хотите избавиться читаков это одни поможете током это нам наоборот убьёшь ты что-то какой-то он тупит Вот из него даже оружие не сможешь поднять И вдобавок уже в телеге написано то что будет исправлена что будет VX на Google Play и это уже ждут полторы 500 это опять всё-таки будут в игре то есть да
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    No thats dumb af bro way to op for 1 for 2 its a ar not a fucking sniper
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    Limiting the use of non-present items is a terrible anti-cheat solution, this is something newbies and pros will never agree to, I'll take as an example that you haven't learned the basics of that item. craft a wooden bow and you accidentally kill a player who has a gun but you realize you can't get it. Then you will understand catsbit.
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    Добрый день, Вы правы, рейтинг тоже должен быть обнулен
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    I. SUGGESTIONS. 1. Cupboard: - Increase its space by about 5 or 8 cells. - Reduced maintenance costs for an architecture. - The intelligent permission system allows you to remove the enemy's rights without disturbing your teammates' rights. 2. PvP. - Reduced rocket blast range. For example, an explosion only affects 1-2 m => To reduce the player's use of rockets in battle. - Increases the power of weapons when acting on players with full skin armor: + Hunting Rifle: once to the head = 40 hp, to the body = 20 hp, to the foot = 10 hp. + Revolver: once to the head = 20hp, to the body = 15 hp, to the foot = 5-8 hp. + Shotgun: once to the head = 50 hp, to the body = 20-30 hp, to the foot = 10-15 hp. Note that it depends on its expansion and the distance when shooting. + Assault Rifle: once to the head = 20-25 hp, to the body = 10-15 hp, to the foot = 7 hp. + Wooden Bow: once to the head = 30 hp, to the body = 20 hp, to the foot = 10 hp. + Wooden Spear: once to the head = 35 hp, to the body = 15-20 hp, to the foot = 10 hp. + Iron Spear: once to the head = 40 hp, to the body = 20-25 hp, to the foot = 10-15 hp. => This damage hint will make pvp faster maybe 15s or 50s for example - Added new features for weapons: + Melee spear for better pvp. + Increases dash speed when shooting arrows or spears. + Animated reloading of guns. + The button to remove bullets from the gun. - More weapons and medical equipment: + Akm, Mp5, M1911, Kar98, Spas12, Thompson, Crossbow, C4. + Bandages, Syringe. + Added bleeding system when falling, being hit or being shot. 3. Resource gathering and crafting. - Resource gathering: + Stone Hatchet: Tree = 2 or 3 log, Stone = 4 or 5 stone, Metal Ore = 1 or 2 metal ore, Sulfur Ore = 1 or 2 sulfur ore. + Axe: Tree = 5 or 6 log. + Pickaxe: Stone = 8 or 10, Metal Ore = 3 or 4 metal ore, Sulfur Ore = 3 or 4 sulfur ore. + Slot machine for mining, it's only available in town and your chance to pick it up is very rare. - Crafting: + Changed the crafting cost of items and weapons: • Stone Hatchet: 10 stick and 10 stone. • Arrow: 1 stick. • 5.56 bullet: 2 gun powder, 2 metal fragment. • .44 bullet: 1 gun powder, 1 metal fragment. • Shell: 3 gun powder, 2 metal fragment. • Rocket: 125 gun powder, 100 metal fragment. • Workbench: 100 log, 20 metal fragment, 50 scrap. • Rocket Launcher: 10 cloth, 35 metal fragment, 15 scrap. • Armored door: 40 metal fragment, 25 scrap. - Crafting time: + Arrow = 1s + 5.56 bullet = 3s + .44 bullet = 1s + Shell = 5s + Gun powder = 1s + High Wooden Wall = 30s + High Wooden Gates = 45s II. Errors - Maintenance costs in the cupboard. - Damage when pvp by gun. - Stuck between two objects that are close to each other. - Lose items in chests or furnaces when destroying them. - Animals go underwater, very virtual - When you place an item and you switch to another bag box, the item in that box will disappear. - Chat.
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    Chat is broken across the servers, the game freezes up when connecting my game center account, the In game “anti cheat” is repeatedly kicking none cheating players. While blatant cheaters are still in the game. Not to mention the poor choice to restrict items unless you’ve unlocked them. Great Update! Top Notch! This is not how you invite new players. And keep current ones wanting to spend money
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    You developed a lot of huge bugs For all the time I played Oxide s or xs, I won’t repeat this version of all the bugs, okay, there are no cheaters, well, there are such bugs that I don’t know And yes, such a question and why on 0.2 there were 2 slots of 5 on 0.3-0.3.6 one for five at a time, I understand that one slot is a bug, well, why did you remove 2 slots in the cabinet, I can show the screen
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    Will be checked out and fixed asap sorry for inconvenience
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    If you enter the server and see the window GUESTS ACCESS DENIED, it means that this server is ONLY for authorized players.
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    Hi there, the update is being on moderation. I remind that it can take till 7 days. UPD As Apple store moderation lasts neerly a week already, the update is delayed. Sorry for inconvenience. And I will practise my communication skills and explain better next time how is going the update process.
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    tdd,nt TRX k Ben this player
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    DayZ was in alpha for 5 years, and it’s made by a AAA developer. Oxide is an indie project. Let the developers have their time.
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    I think they should keep doing them every update, too soon or not. starting fresh is always fun
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    I like @[𝐂𝐂] 𝐱𝐀𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐲 he's a nice person look he helps @Catsbit.Cuidado careful to relax people why everyone complained about the update that took a long time look he never gave up Catsbit You're lucky to have a companion like the
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    [EN] We are not currently hiring. If there are some positions open, we will notify you in the topic "News" and give there all the details. [RU] В данный момент у нас нет набора на позиции администраторов/модераторов. Если будет, мы сделаем публикацию в теме "Новости", где и расскажем о всех деталях.
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    Stash box is where you can put your stuff in it, then you can hide it underneath the terrain so you can easily hide your stuff , its very usefull specially for those players who dont want to depo their loot into their bases, Hope this will be added to the next update , thanks
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    And Broken Pvp is not major? If its minor Bug why its not already fix???
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    @Catsbit.Care does pvp fixed?