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  1. This is an unnecessary post, catsbit won’t care about it’s own people using the game. I suggest you stop wasting your time and let the good and the bad roam in the game.
  2. I never said about removing the chat. It’s just to change the age restriction on sandbox 3D.
  3. Hello S.F.S Clan, did you know clans are violent and you are exaggerating almost everything? 80% of clan members that I’m friends with confessed they hate clans because they won’t do anything they like. I suggest you stop promoting your silly clan and delete this post. Not to mention, this is the Catsbit Forums, and I already see conflicts happening in posts saying “Alex is bad” “Srs is bad”. Well, to be honest, I’m just saying to stop promoting your clan because you have been ruining the freedom of games. You kick players for unnecessary reasons, you cuss at the newbies or people who are new to game, and that’s unacceptable. I do that sometimes, but only when I’m owner for someone else’s server. Take this post down, or suffer the consequences. No clan promotion is needed to be posted in the Catsbit Forums.