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  1. I'm suprised people actualy still play this game, I forgot it even existed. Probably because the last time I played was February 2021.
  2. fick dich Schlampe Arsch Kind bekommen ein Leben
  3. Sometimes a miracle will occur and suddenly you can get out when your in for too long, very rare but happened to me before. Glitch still needs to be fixed but since the past few months after the update the Glitch occurs more often.
  4. The Car Glitch is Occurring more often now, at the start of this update it was rarer to get stuck. I know your working on it but it needs to be fixed.
  5. The auto shoot still works. Just a different way, if you shoot and go out of the game and then come back you are still shooting and you aren't even tapping the shoot button.
  6. They we're always fun, now their just a pain.
  7. Almost everyone in sandbox 3d is toxic why