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  1. Cheater on eu12 id D2F1323C2C1C51B3
  2. They cant add admins cause even they can't trust people in this game there's gonna be a shit ton of corrupted people I wouldn't imagine hackers and admins teaming up or admins banning people for killing their friends
  3. I can't send the videos here for some reason but there ids are 46A34C7FA1A0435B and 9E24A008DE3ECA3 they raided my friends clan base I can send the videos in messenger or what ever other app if you need proof
  4. Hello I would like to report this bug and share it with other people if you have buggy or helicopter with realy bad ping, the map doest load qiuk enough and you can glich under the map and drive or fly into people's bases and take all theyr loot FOR FREE ( beware of helicopter or cars inside your base core )
  5. Hello I would like to report this cheater he is friends with half the server and kills anyone if they're not friends with him or his teamates he's just annoying af I lost my armours and weapons that I have had for over a month please get this guy banned if needed I can try recording as of now I just have a screen shot of him killing me with an assault riffle thank you his id is 4B28AA840E24E63C
  6. ? I don't have to speak to this do I his id 685CBAF99077C214
  7. Another I guess brainless monkey but chinese or something either way a hacker you can't leave yuor base go farm or roam just bruh , because of today the server I play on is dying it was always 50 players now barely 30 play cause yuo just can't leave yuor base (hackers id 6F023D29EBD00550) thank you
  8. Bruh I was out farming I had allat of shi on me and this brainless ass monkey shit on me from ar (I was full metal) his id is 6169B61A9A204D29