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  1. hmmm does the video have id proof in it? how many views does the post that needs to be moderated have because if it has more than one then a moderator has seen it
  2. you need video proof please read instructions on how to report hackers…
  3. you need video proof. please read the rules on how to report hackers.
  4. you need video proof record him next time
  5. please add glass windows as the windows that are on the game at the moment people can shoot through and hackers can wall hack through
  6. dont worry im blind lol i just saw you said already
  7. you also have to say what server its on
  8. i think you also have to say what server its on
  9. @Catsbit.Guard @Catsbit.Care 2 hackers on PVE # 63 IDs : AF536A12673A46D7 61E6EDF71BE99806
  10. I know but there’s still heaps of hackers on pve