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  1. You stupid his old I'd banned Where he used the hack, he never used it again
  2. I think you not understand -_- That video is a year and a half old and he hasn't used any hacks in a year and why would he use hack he have so many purchases on his id?
  3. I not saying about OlD one ChackOut new one every use cheat before Becuz The Fk W7x hack,
  4. @Catsbit.GuardIf nothing happens to you call @Catsbit.Care
  5. Send video proof ,He said if he his ID is not returned he won't buy from any of the items ,he bought a lot of stuff, I don't know how he got banned but he told me he never uses hack, , And he is youtuber he didn't use hack you can ChackOut his video Channel Name Samet YT, And many people get banned for using vpn in this game because you can't provide asia server because of lag that's why they use,
  6. Lie Like a. .......need video proofs like you,Just like you don't ban hackers without video proof so I can't accept whether you are telling the truth or not
  7. Stupid catsdick it's true' you didn't chack he is chatting or not ,you just says like this , you call him cheating confirm but you don't have any proof show me if you have proof
  8. @Catsbit.Care What the reason he got Banned I have been seeing for a long time that many people are getting banned despite not using the hack And those who use the hack are reported by me here with video proof but they are not banned This ID 57923821D1A62CCB should be unbanned as soon as possible,HE buy So Many Itams In Store , He said would not buy anything from the store if his ID was not returned,He said hackers are not banned but those who don't hack are banned for no reason what a great game @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit dev
  9. I dc again' Maybe i die suckdickgame @Catsbit.Guardyou banned this hackerr or not or you need Money for Banned hacker -_-
  10. ID:E389FE06770A22 Хакер Aimbot забанил этот хакерский сервер eu4 @Catsbit.Care