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  1. All servers not found No loading
  2. Please increase the number of people on the server from 60 people to more, I tried to enter the server today, but 60 people were full and I used auto clicker for 10 minutes to enter the server, this is very uncomfortable for when I am in a hurry Maybe our house is being raided at the same time
  3. How do you say that you can no longer build a fence around the gas station??😐 Server: [31][EU]
  4. I got angry many times because of this, I tried maybe 20 times in a row and the message was not sent, why don't you fix it? My device: POCO X5 PRO 5G Please write your mobile phone name below so they can fix it, thank you👇 Of course, sometimes because FPS There is 60, but there are all these problems, fix it.
  5. Sv: EU 81 PVE UID: in picture Name: Unknown in the picture