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  1. what's the matter? Is it true? Or is it just a rumor?
  2. DIXON

    Ban for error

    Cheats confirmed😒
  3. DIXON

    Bagpack bug

    Please fix this bug: When I have things in my bag and my bag is full, if I want to convert my cooked sulfur into powder, but because my bag is full, the powders disappear, at least make sure that it does not disappear and fall out of the bag.
  4. Hacker name : +_amir_-@Catsbit.Guard
  5. I'd= 6DB64D72880B3CC4 Sv= BR1 Pls ban hacker killed me Speed hack air jump aimbot fly hack @Catsbit.Guard
  6. DIXON

    KDS #1

    Hacker online Server= BR 1 I'd= 576E38AECFE9E658 Name= (IDG) HEBRET @Catsbit.Guard
  7. DIXON

    Hacker BR1

    I'd= EE4B8C016B024414 Hacker sever 1 br online Please ban @Catsbit.Guard
  8. I have a request Please increase the volume of tc devices in the next update so that we can put more devices in it Sometimes we build a big house and it requires a lot of equipment, and many of the equipment does not fit in 5 square meters in the TC.
  9. Please ban hqcker in server us4 Please bannnnnn @Catsbit.Guard
  10. Please ban hacker online in 4 us I'm damaged and dc Please check hacker account