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  1. BCEEABC25F0E9F28 hacker aim 95 EU he loot my home with cheat ban please
  2. Please ban hacker 95 EU, aim 10 lvl C47DA2BE7982BBCB ID
  3. Hacker use aim in 95 eu server. He killed me with 20m with automatic riffle. Ban please aimer F2F0BFE0D261BA1A
  4. Please ban hacker on 95 EU id 8AA847779F02120 12 lvl, speedhack, aim kill
  5. What? How are these cheats confirmed? I didn’t use them and was banned just like that, because some idiots filed a complaint against me when I killed them. Thanks for the ban just like that, Catsbit.Guard
  6. DEAR FORUM CATSBIT Please unban you from the game. I did not use cheats on this account and was banned for cheating. Please unban my account again and follow me if there is no trust. 54757B8AFF578455 Please, 14 lvl.
  7. 8D9C94DCB1938206 Pls ban cheater with aim, speedhack 16 lvl in 95 EU 8D9C94DCB1938206
  8. Cheater in 95 EU Aim kill speedhack 10 or 11 lvl id 8F104C3D31D9E38E Ban please
  9. 5BF755D0EC8E8C4F Aim kill, speedhack, 12 lvl 5BF755D0EC8E8C4F ID