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Found 25 results

  1. Читеры стреляют только в голову с автонаводкой, ходят сквозь стены, некоторые игроки играют с читерами в команде!
  2. Id:C61B46D99676EEDE Ссылка на видео:
  3. Aoh US

    [US S13]

    These players scaled/climbed over my gate/wall and up the side of my base to my tower and proceed to loot my box's and kill me. I spend way too much time on this game, if I have to play with cheaters I will simply quit. I get kicked for cheating more than the actual cheaters 755710b30b456733. Player id US S13 Ada0d716037e45da player id US S13
  4. 19EU GARGONA 1992 Cheating Aim
  5. Читер на 67 ЕУ Аим Магические пули Ник KaNeKi_KeN Айди 4BA8CA260B46F76C Пруфы на фото оскорбления разрабов и признание Чита
  6. 19EU Nickname:Нур 08 Пользуються паучком
  7. Halo admin IM oxide player i play in US 6, i meet 2 people cheat in oxide they can spider wall or high jump, kick self and teleport
  8. Roezcito


  9. Здравствуйте Админы, на сервере 36EU появился данный персонаж под ником ч FullSizeRender.MOV ерви, быстро бегает и лазит по стенам пожалуйста проследите за данным игроком и забаньте его! Сюда видео загрузить не могу пишет ошибка оброботки видео -200 загрузил на YouTube Его ID C790ECDAB1D09FCE Ник черви
  10. FCEFB11E7570F563 Please Ban This Player He Is Using Cheat vid:
  11. ID:8DEAE19C42A1B6O SERVER:21 EU the player is playing with cheats, he came to the wall and started to climb it. the video proof has not been uploaded to the forum, but there are screenshots
  12. AVELINA is cheating. Using no clip to pass walls and enter base. Teleporting to player location hacks. ID is 8A362BF1A15BC5A6 located in US server 20
  13. 73EF0B5960935373 tiene aimbot y speed hack
  14. Screenrecorder-2022-10-25-23-31-17-147(0)(0).mp4 Screenrecorder-2022-10-25-23-31-17-147(0)(0).mp4 Screenrecorder-2022-10-25-23-31-17-147(0)(0).mp4 Screenrecorder-2022-10-25-23-31-17-147(0)(0)(0).mp4 Screenrecorder-2022-10-25-23-31-17-147(0)(0)(0).mp4
  15. 7EU CHEATING nicneim nickname Negrila_228
  16. Это 2видео.Пж баните его.Он читер.В видео есть его айди.Пж разрабы баните его VID_20221022233508.mp4
  17. my second report yet, ive come here to report 2 cheaters that are ruining the server US9, context is. my teammates were minding their business.. until these two showed up and tried killing them. danger and chize. they've tried to raid us, and now we're at war with them. currently my teammates are trying to hold them back. here are the clips, and most of all, their usernames. Kavik11, chize11.0, danger.02 please take notice of this ASAP and goodluck to the company.
  18. Here you can see this guy named Findash papk. This guy is an aimbotter and the proof is that he killed me 2 times 1 time in gas station: I was going to D5 gas station to get watter bottles and I saw findash papk there. I was behind him and he just pulled out his assault rifle and started shooting my head like a maniac and I died horribly And then later in factory he killed me: I was going there with my friend to kill players We saw findash papk there and my friend told me he's an aimbotter I didnt agree with him and he left but I pulled out my gun to kill findash papk but then... he pulled out his hunting rifle and again started shooting my head and I died in 3 seconds You can see his ID and name in the picture
  19. Доброго времени суток администрация,я хочу подать жалобу на игрока RAHIM.MUZIK,данный игрок использует читы такие как:спидхак,высокий прыжок и ТД.. Спасибо за внимание. Видео:
  20. I'd like to apologize first, as I didn't get the actual footage of them hacking. It all happened so quickly and I didn't have a screen recording too. 1. Player named Hentai was roaming around using speed hack. They were zooming and crouching to control their speed hack to kill people with Hunting Rifle. They were fully geared, and a part of a clan. 2. 985x038 was using invisible bullets that dealt no damage to anyone. They did another bug where if you get near them, you'd have bleed effect on you ( it didn't drain the health ) but it was like they were shooting blank bullets that still showed damage effects. 3. SIKO I don't have an image of this person or proof, but this person was Wall Hacking ( they went through the walls ). They "raided" this person койот i was helping with farming and SIKO went through their walls, without damaging their base and looted their chests. By the time койот spawned back into their base, they resources was stolen.