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  1. Dude the color codes isnt add by catsbit 😕 and also you can use html color codes instead.
  2. I meant to say, the text of catsbit care
  3. Go at oxide forum you will see the texts.
  4. Chirag. This text is 2020. 3 years ago.
  5. Like the automatic transmission it automatically shifts the gear but in manual transmission you have to shift it on your own upper or lower. I actually prefer manual transmission.
  6. I said "He's Chirag" and you said *Yeah* thats why he said you knows him.
  7. Nope dude freeblade doesnt know you
  8. Ive been Always Wondering what this Thing is 😁. But i guess this is just Misplacement. I even made a video of it in YT.
  9. Not every sb3d players has discord, clan peoples have discord but others doesnt. and Also if catsbit make discord server im sure that Haters and modders of sb3d will ruin the discord server.