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  1. unfortunately player id is not visible
  2. Hi there, what error do you get?
  3. Hi there, please check it out now, at the moment you shouldn't have such an arror
  4. у меня к вам много вопросов, но первый ЗАЧЕМ ВЫ ПИСАЛИ НА ФОРУМ О ТОМ, ЧТО ВЫ ВЕРНУЛИ КОПТЕР? чего вы добивались?
  5. Hi there, prime is granted to the account. sorry for the inconvenience
  6. Hi there, he made a refund, that's why, he got no prime on his account
  7. Hi there, you requested a refund you were refunded, and your prime was removed
  8. Добрый день, по вопросам возврата пишите напрямую в Google Play/App Store
  9. Hi there, you can give me your transaction id, i will check and give you your prime if you want a refund, you can contact Google Play directly
  10. Добрый день, это значит что на данном устройстве вы уже покупали прайм (скорее всего с другого аккаунта)
  11. Добрый день, по поводу возврата обращайтесь напрямую в Google Play/App store
  12. This item was granted to your account. Sorry for the inconvenience Thanks for your patience
  13. I need your transaction id provided by Google Play/App Store on Google Play it looks like GPA.****-****-****-****