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  2. No anony. If it was a rocket, the door way would be much less HP than other areas this is why i said everything was decaying at the same rate. If a steel base is 800hp per wall, and i use rockets on 4 doorway, and somehow shoot rockets at every single wall to make the same hp is impossible, do you get what im saying
  3. I dont know if it’s every server but most bases doors are unlocked and everybody is getting raided right now on my server just saying. @Catsbit.Care yesterday doors gone with restart, and today all doors unlocked
  4. The base was deteriorating all at the same rate, the wood was gone, furnaces still on, wooden stairs gone the stone was down to 100 and the steel was down to 300 I think. Ceilings floors walls. Foundation. Yeah 190-200
  5. Every time you do that suspicious wink at me, 30x5.56 goes into storage towards your inevitable demise.
  6. Hey id like to suggest some things to be added to the game. perhaps a launch site, or a big satellite dish, or abandoned houses we can camp in, or even an oil rig.
  7. Well shit, we will need MUTE options then, and please make BONES microphone the loudest and NOBODY can mute me please thankyou. Hands up if youve been killed by BONES ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  8. This enrages me. @DooMz I am convinced you are a toddler. You need to start using your brain. Lets say Catsbit banned “Official” based off him saying “Im gonna go through your walls” What if he was joking? I know this player for a while now and he does not use hacks. youd see a different side of me if this wasnt viewed by catsbit. cant stand idiocracy
  9. @Catsbit.Care hey, just wanna let you know that it happened again since it was fixed. Last night i lost all my doors after a server restart. It also removed my TC. @Catsbit.Dev
  10. imagine getting a kicked notif, and not even trying to re join, and coming on the forum and complaining. the state of humanity blows my mind. no problem solving skills what so ever
  11. better to make wall 2,000,000 fragments
  12. So as usual, I been playing my server and completely owning ? literally killing so many people and getting their loot. Many of these people are nakeds, just because there are more nakeds than leathers. Regardless….I dome them BANG!! Next minute “bones is hacking bones is toxic i cant hear his footsteps” Let me tell you why. BECAUSE I AM JUMPING!! Secondly, let me educate you lot. “Dont kill nakeds” You say? Ok so then next time i go out killing with 500 rifle rounds, ill take my leathers off yah? Then youre not allowed to kill me yah? By your logic? WE CAN KILL ANYBODY AND KILLING PEOPLE IS NOT TOXIC PEOPLE PRETEND TO BE NAKED TO AVOID BEING KILLED WELCOME TO A STRATEGIC GAME TIME TO TURN YOUR BRAINS ON literally these kids were crying and abusing and complaining coz i killed them ALL DAY three groups of people this is why the age should be higher cos these children are brain fkd u wanna see toxic? go fk urself
  13. Im using an ipad. I havent been able to get in game for the last hour. Just comes up with this message. Im taking Bee$ out on a date.
  14. @xAnonyPowerZfor me no. i use vpn and no difference. ive had the message FAILED TO LOAD SERVER LIST PLZ TRY AGAIN. on my cell, it works, but on my ipad, it fail to load for the last 1 hour. i tried everything,
  15. i build 27x20 bases while farming +1 +2 +2 +3 +1 +4 you just sound like you dont like farming. why u think they call it “the grind” you want to hit a tree and give +10 +20 +20 +10 +40 ? this is too much.
  16. and 20 fragments? LOL yah right