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  1. That' so sad hope they will fix
  2. Yeah that is really bad we can see through wall if we are far aways
  3. Idk


    yeah its need to fix its like 30 min of time just pvp with other player and nobody die spear sucks and lag and so hard to controll but in a survival simulater its so easy to pvp.Hope dev will fix ://
  4. Idk


    Yeah its lagging i run with 10 fps even on a lowest settings i can even play codm with 40 fps. at a night time my fps is 4 -6 dev to fix ://
  5. Only i hate is lag its run like 10 fps even i use lowest texture quality pls fix
  6. This sky bug is still happend on new update and its run like 10 fps i can even play codm with 40+fps my phone is huawei p20 lite hope that will be fix in next update
  7. Its so hard to kill with melee cuz controll is hard and i hope they will add a spear for melee