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  1. Mr Pi 5764A53D77D761FD Other Hackers: SuGar__YT BF67E552A2F4A9E8 Stas72 !xGRANDx!
  2. Other hackers: xGRANDx! Sugar__YT Stas72 As you can see in the video he use hr and kill me from almost 53 meters, how cool is that. Playing in prime server is so FUNNNNNNN i did not REGRET buying it. VID_20220821230541.mp4
  3. Invisible hacker Underground hacker this is all the video i can provide, ban him immediately And also i think the text on his name make's him invisible bcuz that kind of text didn't recognize my phone and that make's him invisible for some reason but the truth is he is the underground as you can see in the 2nd video
  4. Pls add this in updates it always annoys when it's done cooking but the furnace is still open, so in order to cook again it needs to turn off twice
  5. Hacker's User name: Enoc https://youtu.be/PimT9tlzl1E
  6. The keylock/code lock will appear if u restart the game
  7. https://youtu.be/P5QMiH82PrA Pls fix this
  8. Jhabbiee


    Make the image of map smaller so we dont have to scroll down in order to see the letters
  9. Jhabbiee

    Server Asia

    Pls add more server especially ASIA
  10. Jhabbiee


    Yes, but my workbench also reset when u said that its been fixed
  11. Jhabbiee


    U can now see the video https://youtu.be/Row_ss2Wbp0
  12. Jhabbiee


    Here's my experience https://youtu.be/Row_ss2Wbp0