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Found 206 results

  1. Просьба забанить
  2. Просьба забанить
  3. Просьба забанить
  4. Name:XX KLAJDI XX ID:B1D48672FC23854 He using magic bullet and speed hack. Plz ban immediately.
  5. Name:MALI ÝT ID:DB3425D4227A9D34 He using magic bullet and speed hack. Plz ban immediately.
  6. This player did not have a ping, you can see this from the sounds from his microphone, please ban him!
  7. Читер убил с 51 метра моментально так ещё и тепехается 6 eu сервер
  8. Cheater with a nickname КИРИЛЛ_ KAZUK I was running while sitting and called me names with his friend ССР союз please take them away dear developers❤❤❤ D3F8FB775E86FF82 9A74673D05B4E5CF Читер с ником KIRILL_ KAZUK бегал за мной, и сидел, и обзывал меня вместе со своим другом, пожалуйста, забаньте их, уважаемые разработчики❤❤❤
  9. Cheater on the prime server please block him. His ID is D093BD421A727C51
  10. Id - 1083442F6949277B Name - Я паша я ярик Reason : Aimbot / Cheats
  11. strikes with a pick with his back turned ! 71B2C8E5AE3254D4
  12. player is harassing other player to where it's so difficult to play. Please Ban
  13. There is hacker at US3 server UserName:juncko ID:76646E871ABAE833 He uses auto-aim and aim-kill. Many people have already been killed by him. Please ban him immediately. Na serwerze 'US3' jest haker... UserName:juncko ID:76646E871ABAE833 Używa on auto-aim oraz aim-kill. Wiele osób zostało już przez niego zabitych. Proszę o natychmiastowe zbanowanie go.
  14. Player жесткийскеле His ID 44A3CF1C8663D590 Climbs the walls Climbs them and then raids the huts, Take Action! server EU 0.3, 44
  15. ETO_bAZA


    Good afternoon, oxide developers, I ask you to check and ban the player Sishechka Player ID EB65F16799A28652 Uses cheats aim and something like that
  16. Two cheater in eu3 witch aimkill Their first name was [140] They killed me and my teammates in 3 seconds BCF483FE22ED9C54 3EA9B9CC7B3D4F67
  17. Andri


    Nick name user cheat: {ATK}WEB Please banned permanent;((
  18. Andri


    Cheater please banned permanent nick $ALBANIA$
  19. aim kill cheater on us 1
  20. Игрок играет на двух аккаунтах, на одном куплены некоторые предметы, второй использует в корыстных целях(читерит). Я очень давно начал играть в вашу игру, у меня куплено все что только можно.Надеюсь на понимание со стороны разработчиков и На бан этого игрока Сервер:97EU Дата:25.05.2023 Ник и доказательства на скриншоте
  21. 34799AA226227703 - ID
  22. KayDeeGz


    Please ban this player he a cheater 4D491E75B602A20A and please investigate in this server eu 0.3 #94 there are more cheater than the real player thankyou