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Sandbox update anytime soon?

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Sandbox 3D is there top game.

• Best fps controls.

• Best camera movement.

• Ok-ish car Physics.

• Best building system.

• Intuitive UI placement.

• Clean chat system. (The limit for text is a little small.)

• Most: intuitive, clean, simple, and pretty, loadout.

• Lightweight. (for older devices)

• Likeable characters. (Unlike Roblox.)

And tons more!


I don’t think they would ditch it.

It just needs a face lift!

You don’t put a huge amount of Work into writing code, (and integrating code from online)

And then ditch the project after it becomes a popular thing.


Be a little bit more patient! It takes a while for 2 people to make something that thousands of people like.

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I just had a look at oxide, and I can now understand why they are putting sandbox on the shelf.

yes it sucks. 

But they are extremely busy with oxide, 

fixing bugs, 

replying to idiots who try to make waky names. (me)

and banning “skittys.”


I believe that once the game can stand on its own, they will focus their attention on other things.(like SandBox 3D!)

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I’ve played oxide it’s decent (the anti cheat is somewhat trash tbh) the games alright in gameplay but I understand there’s a limit due to it being a mobile game they update oxide somewhat frequently and I think that oxide could “stand on its own” if they took some time to at least bring Sandbox3D back online  or add some things to the game then go back to oxide @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev

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