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    Hey Care Long time no talk talk. I dont know if someone already did put this up. But You can walk on the Highwalls. it's kinda nice idea to keep but make it so that the spikes hurts the player. If they stand on it. Like on rust it self. This will makes sure they think twice about it. Code locks can only be accessed by the right side of it. So if you placed it inside the compound you can't press on outside to enter code. New HighWall Add a stone Highwall but more expensive like 250 stone for Wall and 400 Stone for gate. And make sure you cant glitch to get on the top of it LAGG issue has been found. It's not the voice chat. The real problem is the Walls around the bases. We had a compound with +- 15 people in it. And after the walls has been placed the real Fps drop came around. Anti Cheat system. If you have build access the cheating kick will not apply. The way of getting player get kicked on purpose is placing a wall on them if they walk in it they get kicked for cheating. Payment Store Add a few more thing in it like you have now with the Christmas hat. For example a santa Skin ( what will not apply for now but you get it) Nickname Give a player the ability to change their IGN every 48Hours (2Days) or 1 Week NEW Feature 》2 accounts 1 IP adress And idk if its possible to Block VPN If this can this will get the cheaters faster away. Notification bord for info in the game. Alot of players don't know there is a forum for the game. Just a small clipboard. This opens after loading screen of the game instead of the server list. This will make sure they read it like WIPE Notification REPORT Just what you have now with the Mute option. But then when press The user's Username it Shows the option to Report the user. What opens a small tab with the Following options •Cheating •Flyback •Disrespectful against other players. •Racistische •Spamm/Toxic chatting And Have the both users their ID on the report. The reporter can see the cheaters their User ID. And this will give you a notification while it is happening on the moment. If you need a Tester for it all just notify me im glad to help you on it. This was everything. I Hope you all have a Nice day Greetings xAnony
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    Hello, I'd like to talk here a bit about research system and scrap farming, imo it should be rebalanced as soon as possible. First issue i have is farming scrap is extremely time consuming and there's only one way to get it, running around the map in circles looking for barrels to destroy. You get around 2-5 pieces of scrap per barrel, and you need literally hundreds of it to unlock even some basic stuff. As a fresh player on the server before u even unlock metal axe and pickaxe you need a whooping 150scrap! It's way too much! Not to mention good luck farming scrap to unlock something like a gun on a server full of players that already have firearms, its almost impossible, everytime i go ona run i end up killed by someone or just shot at. To unlock a revolver and ammo it uses you literally need hundreds, probably over 300scrap total if you include that u need to have a research table, research hammer then axe then revolver and then bullets. My suggestion for this problem would be either: -add more ways to farm scrap quicker. -lower the research cost on items or make barrels spawn more scrap than they spawn now. -introduce server wipe mechanics, like wipe all the servers every week or even every 5 days so big clans or just assholes cant terrorize everyone once they unlock their guns. -maybe something like reverse-engineering items system? For example if i find a revolver on someone's body i could go to the research table and reverse engineer it so i don't have to unlock it by just farming scrap. I got couple other ideas, but my main point is either make barells drop like twice the amount of scrap they are dropping now, cut the research cost on all items in half or add new ways to get scrap other than just barrels. Btw your game is pretty damn good and it improved a lot since it was released. I love to see your project growing and gaining player recognition. Good job guys!
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    Hi Catsbit, This is what you can add to your game, missions that at least give you gold coins like the ones that appear in our profile. Fishing rods, could be another source of food for many players who need food. Horses, we have no other means of transport than walking or running, it would be more fun to ride horses and that the mounts are made. Shields, It would be another way to defend against animals or enemy players. Thanks for reading, I hope you serve the ideas.
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    Is there any way to add a few more roleplay items? Fireplaces rugs barbed tabels and chairs stuff in this purely visual based items that add depth but wouldn't need for a drastic change in the way the game is fundamentally played just to add a little substance while the rest of the deep content is tried tested and created.
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    It simply ruins the game when it was so much fun before, now you play for atleast 35 in game real hours before you start to have any fun and is a game breaker especially when u have to re unlock every so often.Please please please get rid of it!!!!!
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    I think it should be harder to make a gun. Add "Weapon Making Table" To The Game For This. But Make This Table Be Difficult. Because if this table was easy to make, everyone would make a gun and the game would be meaningless. And Also, Making Weapons Must Consume More Materials. And I Should Add That Please Decrease The Fire Rates And Damage Of Weapons! Thank you for reading I don't know how to speak English. Sorry for this one. Have a nice day
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    Hey. @Darkspy Yea it's true alot of people Disconnect when they even get 1% Damage. Or if they have low hp. Wana give you a tip. Always aim fast for the head. If you see them stand still for 1sec pray AK on his face and wait 10min for his return. Or build him in and make it fully stone. Always walk with rocket laughter on you they will dc in front of you. 1 less to waste resources on. Ak 》 Wait until they are farming wood/ores. And pray full clip on his head or back. 15shots kills a leather. Hope this helps you how you can deal with them.
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    Hey guys. I understand all of your frustrations. But you all need fo understand if a fresh spawner can craft Pickaxes Axes they can fast grind for Scrap to get rifles ect. And build their way up to Rockets. My opinion is make the cost of rifles and Rockets higher or atleast the ammo for it. Since that's end goal items u going to use. You can get 150 scrap in a 30min run even less
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    Hi, Thanks for the information. We will limit it in the next update.
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    make it that u need 5 seconds to desconected so that players can't run from fights Don't add sleeping yet cuz we need deconecting for us solo player getting raided with 1 rocket cuz the rocket damage u inside ur base Specially with the current rocket cost its so easy to get rockets and the splash is still broken And we need it for cheaters as well So adding sleeping before fixing the rocket splash And 100 % fixing the wall fazethrough will just kill the game