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    Please listen to the community and remove the prop limit once and for all.
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    My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
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    Hi I think that stone is a bit useless. You end up with a lot of extra stone after mining for metal ore. Perhaps stone could be used to build. Another thing that would be cool is a save button of some sort in the menu. That way you could save your builds manually. Also a friending system. More people in worlds. (10-20). Farming system of some sort. Maybe you could use your blueprint to plant carrot or potato patches. Also metal fragment light armor and heavy metal armor. Heavy armor is slow yet stronger, and light armor is weaker, yet more mobile. Thanks. Best wishes from Chief Elop and the Mountain Tribal Confederation. (MTC).
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    Agreed, something needs to be done about the code or APK users. There's a hack for the game now that prevents the owner(creator)of a room from kicking a player... can't kill them, can't kick them. Please.. do something. MJ
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    Hey Meow Team it's me again: I don't know if you added the chat codes or if you used a template for the chat with them in, nevermind it's like giving me flashbacks to HTML5 but here you go: MAKE IT A BIG BOI This one allows you to change the size of "Text", you can replace "500" with whatever you want. Even with negative numbers: <size=500>Text</size> MAKE IT GO RAINBOW With this you can write in colors. You can replace replace "red" with a few other colors in lower case and every hey code: <color=red>Text</color> MAKE A UNCLICKABLE HYPERLINK That means usually if you click the text it opens a website or calls a number, but here it's only makes your text go blue (Because "a" is so short you can make small names in blue with it): <a>Text</a> MAKE EVERYONE HATE YOU This will but all the text messages, player and server names together to a random positioned message: <quad> Like this it would be just small, so: You can add the other codes to make it big and/or colorfully: <quad color=red size=1000> =============================== I think you should remove this with unity or whatever you are using, because it really can make players go mad! By the way would be nice if I can be support in the forum I really would like to help the users here(of course I can do this like this too but it isn't official like this)!
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    We've fixed this for the next update.
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    Survival Simulator; Update Hi there, Can we get a progress update for Survival Simulator? I've heard you guys are implementing a system that protects players from hackers. Also, including a rocket launcher that damages structures. Keep note that most of hackers use a modded file of your game. Please answer if you have more information to give about this update. I'll be waiting, thank you for reading this. Best Regards, Survivor
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    I have one question. When is the rocket launcher update coming out? A lot of my friends are quitting SS until the new update drops. So please respond to this and tell me when the new update is coming out. Thank You. -MrMeowmers
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    Just some ideas for the gun update luger po8 fast firing pistol 1911 slower firing pistol with more damage ak47 as an assault rifle Mp40 as a submachine gun kar98 as an accurate sniper rifle mosin nagant as a less accurate harder hitting sniper rifle Mg42 as a really fast firing machine gun mabey a tank update with tiger tanks Sherman’s etc And Mabey a bigger build limit or an option to make build limit bigger thank you
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    This game is. Let's face it. Pretty lame... But I have some ideas to make it better.. First things first, All players are tired of trying to find there friend In some server. So add a friend list and let players be able to find there friends way easier, Second of all, add a tools section in shop. Containing, A paint tool, be able to paint you walls, floors, doors, etc, Modifier, the ability of this is to be able to change a behavior of a object. For example, Set a door to only allow selected players through, Set a transparency level, Set a vehicle to when someone enters the vehicle it can explode (would be a nice gag to do on your friends),, NEW MAPS, the more the merrier. so here are some interesting maps I and some friends came up with, #1 water world with a few islands. #2 snow mountain. Lots of snow and mountains. #3 dirt flats, all level ground no lumps or bumps, NEW VEHICLES, more vehicles means more fun. So here's a list of new vehicles I thought would be fun to have, #1 hydroplane, for the water world, #2 snowmobile, for snow mountain, #3 planes, because helicopters aren't enough, #4 tank, because they would be fun to shoot at people (would come with a hefty price but worth the money), #5 flying car, it would be great to be able to fly and drive around with the same vehicle, GUNS,. Shotgun, machine gun, Sniper, RPG, throwing knife, etc, RANDOM, NPC's, yoi can give them commands with modifier, SET PLAYER BANNING, cause there are some people you don't want on you server, That's all for now. Plz add you suggestions in the comments. Thx for reading
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    It would be great if you could add dogs to the game plz
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    This is too much for the lazy-ass devs.
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    For tanks there should be 4 a M1A1, Bradley, BTR 80 and a panzer 4. And there should be attack helicopters, witch should only be a AH64 Apache. For planes there should be a cessna 172, a P51, F4U Corsair, B52 bomber, BF109, Junkers Ju 88 stuka, F22, F35, and a Beechcraft baron.
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    I agree with the MG42, and AK47 but I think you should also add a M16, M1 garand or grand (depends on how you say it), AWP sniper rifle, spas12 shotgun, moss berg 500, RPG, ATGM, vector smg, MP5, Scar battle rifle, Thompson Smg, Uzi, M82 barret, and a joke weapon the “glitch” witch is the “hidden shooting” bug you all patched. It’s also best if you don’t have to buy ammo.
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    Here's a suggestion that I have found to work: Clear your cache/memory - Open game and create new server - before you leave the server for the day, cook some meat on campfire or in furnace. As it's cooking, leave the game. When you come back in, the meat will still be cooking and all your build's will still be there. I had a tower/house that lasted over 2 months before I wiped memory. Hope it helps! ~ Loyal
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    @Catsbit.Dev or @Catsbit.Care is a new update for sandbox 3d coming before 2021?
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    Past clans had more members then your clan
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    Hi there, If I had to assume, I think the coding and models are borrowed from another source in order to create Survival Simulator. Not sure if the developers made their own code for the game or if they just used another source as a base for their code. Anyways, interesting topic it should help the developers of the game to improve. Best Regards, Survivor
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    Uh oh LIER alert LIER alert class do you believe in flying spaghetti monsters to BUBBLE HEAD
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    I liked your position as the creator of opinions. There are people who enter as soon as they are kicked from the server. A friendship system would also be welcome (if it doesn't already exist).
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    Very good. It is a good idea, I hope you got it. I support.
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    If you go in a car while being shot dead you will have full health again.
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    We are working on a really big update, we hope to have time to release it at least before the New Year.
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    @Catsbit.Dev Can we get more information for the upcoming update for Survival Simulator? Thanks.
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    Development takes long to code and have 4 different games to work on
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    This is why he should be banned.
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    This is who he is. He is rude and cyber bullies all the time.
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    Hi there, Please precise whether this problem always existed or it appeared at a certain moment of time.
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    Hi there, Thank you for helping players on the forum! It is very nice of you and we appreciate it very much! However at the moment there is no such flow of requests to delegate admin authorities to somebody else...
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    Just some ideas I had while playing: -Add car explosion. -Add a first person view. -Add some kind of god mode so that players can fly , that will make it easier to build. It can be activated by typing a code in the chat (something like the creative mode in minecraft). -Add functional mechanisms such as elevators, lights and eletronic objects. -Add a gravity gun to lift props. -Add game modes for public and private servers such as Hide and Seek, Murder and Deathmatch. I love this game, hope you guys make it even better!
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    Awesome! Thanks for the reply! I know that you guys will make this game the best on mobile!
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    OK, the weapon update has already been published, it's time to start working on your suggestions
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    Точную дату назвать не могу, не хочу заранее обнадеживать. Сейчас работаем над анимацией персонажа, а впереди еще работа над мультиплеером и новой картой. К новому году точно ничего ждать не стоит.
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    List for New updates: 1. add weapons/guns 2. Add more helicopters/Cars 3. Add some planes like (B737, B747 etc.) 4. Upgrade the modern city into an airport with it and a police station, Fire station.
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    Which means Catsuit would probably have to make a stronger anticheat in CS And SB3D
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    Exactly what it says.Before the latest update this wasn't an issue.Now even in a fresh server as people enter leave and respawn the entire room kinda trips up for a moment and during PvP well not much point anymore with more than 2 people.I've been playing a couple years now love the game. But many people are having this issue.
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    Esta bien lo que pasa es que te tomas el juego como una película (como deveria) Y no como estos que solo critican con sus 20 miembros pueden controlar gran parte de server Un cordial saludo ~ValenGoYT~
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    They were only fun when sandbox was still brand new
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    Well today i got about 5 new members, and before that we already had nearly 20
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    Unfortunately no, the object limit is 1000 objects per server. This is quite a lot for mobile devices, more objects will lead to glitches and uncomfortable play.