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  1. Is it possible to get a translator on the forum's page so i can read comments in other languages
  2. Walls don't work on cheaters
  3. I'm pve server and more than once I've logged on only to find all my loot gone from my boxes
  4. You need to put metal and scrap in the tc and repair it with metal and scrap
  5. I'm hoping for the update before yule so I can get the cool Christmas lights and snow man to go with my scarecrow and candles
  6. Srl413


    That would be awesome to have
  7. Srl413

    Server 57

    Server 57 keeps restarting every 10 minutes please fix
  8. What does it take to kill the zombies
  9. Srl413


    Not just that but the amount of scrap and metal frags put into it just to loose it on a roof or behind a wall
  10. I keep getting kicked for cheating even though I don't cheat to the point were i can't even take 2 steps without getting kicked i know my signal susks because of the hurricane and my phone is lagging more than usual but it's not that bad please fix