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  1. The fun of the game is being thrown into a servival situation and having to figure everything out on your own or hope someone is nontoxic enough to help out a bit
  2. Srl413

    Update News

    Thank you i can't wait for a fresh wipe and i can't wait for the update in October
  3. Srl413

    Base decaying

    My base is saying it's decaying even though it has more than the required amount of resources in it Screen_Recording_20220918_002314_Oxide - Survival Island.mp4
  4. Srl413

    Pve fix

    I love pve since I'm a crap player in pvp especially with all the cheaters
  5. Srl413

    Pve fix

    When is pve going to be fixed? The barrels are unbreakable and the animals are unkillable. Can't even make a bag without cloth