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  1. Honestly bro your anoying I was talking to the devs also I'm a 2019 player now you cant talk because you never even play all you do is stalk the forums.
  2. Why add a ban system you should let us say what we want and be free only ban hackers and I'm a 2019 player and everyone else on sb3d agrees ban is dum you should of focused more of anticheat and hack banking cause it doesn't even work well.
  3. Yeah I agree I think your right cause I think they would need to update it to fix it
  4. Theres still ways modders can steal your map theres a plenty of ways they can cases the save map but it's not a complete bad idea but it's just wouldn't be a good idea on this game
  5. No because if they add one hackers can still take control of it and also I think banning is not a good idea because some people would make fake names about people to try to get them baned
  6. Shut dont tell them how to fix it kid stop whining about it
  7. Today I've been trying to get on sb but it only shows loading over and over even when I refresh and for other people to why?
  9. •°Øöø


    Guys can we all say for catsbit to update sandbox 3d They havent fixed or added anything for the past 2 years and it'd my favorite game guys please help to make catsbit update it please and thank you
  10. Why are you taking 2 years to update the game sandbox 3d again please update it again and more cars with different notices and make the have a exhaust and at least 4 more guns with differnt sounds anymkre building stuff and rotation of building and take of the build limit and fix the hacks find a solution to fix them permanently
  11. •°Øöø


    Send the leak pic in post
  12. For real she gets alot cause she makes mostly videos about other stuff not only sandbox 3d. Most of her views come from other non sandbox 3d post.
  13. So can you tell me a month your releasing the new update and ik your working on inside but stop putting all the work on there we want more updates on sb3d you always say catsbit We are working on a different game then when yu ou finnish the update on that game and when you finnish the new game you just only focus on that new game when that new game already has new stuff and I think you should start working on sandbox 3d more cause it's very anoying to wait for updates especially for us content creators.