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  1. hi. tanks for getting back. is the other dood who has an inverted catsbit logo not on the form any more. cuz I messaged him. any way at least I know why its happening, so thanks. I can totally see why it might tack some time to get around to checking all of the images posted on the form. sorry for being unreasonable I wont bring this up again. ?
  2. @Firestar9990 I have a question... how long did it take for the picture that you posted, to get through. because every picture/hyperlink I post gets "blocked for review" looks like this ("Posted a month ago - Hidden") eventually it just gets deleted, and never actually posts. it so annoying! and I have emailed the moderator, but they seem to have ignored me.
  3. XD heh its still a good idea!
  4. bjb3n

    TESTING Avents Party!!!


    I'm so sorry I don't know how I misspelled Event but I did!!!!
  5. until
    every one is welcome to a party in sandbox 3d at 9:00pm on the 14th of may (that's tomorrow) to a party server called "PARTY!!!" by every one I mean 16 people XD its just a test so don't be mad if u don't get in... I'm being way too optimistic now one is gong to come ? the only 3 rules are 1 no swearing!!!!!!!!!!! 2 no tearing down other players with slander or other things... 3 if u joined because you read this then type 333 when you join. thanks!!! see you tomorrow!!! cherp cherp... cherp cherp... heh
  6. its still an awesome idea!!! ?
  7. oh my goodness!!!!. but is that a free 3d modal or a real thing. if its not already modeled and rigged. then kiss it goodbye. the devs are already really buzzy with just, core mechanics. they don't have time to be 3d modelers, animators, riggers, textures, etc. you never know though, a tone of Catsbit's assets look modified, and a quite a few look completely original . keep your toes crossed.
  8. on the topic of friend lists. I don't think the game should just let some random person press a "friend button", and now they can stalk you for ever. I think that the 2 party's must agree, and both press a button verifying that they want to friend each other. just saying ? I just want this game to stay safe and fun for everyone.
  9. yee I agree. sadly even though some good would come of it, a ban button would obliterate the game and leave nothing but a few русский servers and........ and nothing.
  10. this is a grate idea except... getting ad's on any well known platforms, can be really expensive!!!
  11. I also wanted to say. how long did it tack you to translate that Chinese English!. lol
  12. @Firestar9990 by "break fast by weapens" he cold also mean... seriously man,? the weapons brake so farting fast, it is so annoying!!! pleeeeaaaasssseeee fix this right away, and Mack them deteriorate slower so I can uses them, till Kingdome come!!!.? or the exact opposite... doooooood the weapons' tack so long to brake.? I just want to recraft and repair... infact that's the whole resin why I got this game, I love collecting resources and crafting things, only to have them brake so I can do it all over again!!!? I want to craft and repair till Kingdome come!!!.
  13. bjb3n

    Max CCU Reached?

    you explained that really well, thx!
  14. #1 Sandbox 3D #2 Cubic Sandbox #3 Survival Sim maybe off-road but idk I think their done
  15. bjb3n


    these are rally good idea's!
  16. bjb3n


    thanks for the advice. I broke my fly swatter thanks to you!!! ?
  17. please don't add an age limit server thing. ?
  18. more than one person per car/helicopter. more player aminations sitting, seeping... I cant think of more. more Unicode caricatures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. they have 2 other games still in development you know, that's pretty ambitious! so if they took a break they deserve it.
  20. its not even that hard all they got too do is move all of the rigidbody props to a new layer, and all other prefab's to the default layer, and then just limit the amount of assets that can be placed from each layer. I'm Shure its a lot more complicated, but its their job to figure it out, not mine.
  21. every one is telling Catsbit to remove the prop limit, but none is telling them how that are gong to solve the optimization eschew lemy explain... their are 2 kinds of props game-objects with physics. (the little bouncing apple, or bottle, or CHAINSAW!!!) ("rigidbody enabled") and game-objects with no physics. (walls, the watchtower, the helipad,) ("rigidbody disabled") if an object has physics it means that you're phone must calculate gravity and other physics related processes, and then render that motion, including the motion of objects out of the camera view (so when you turn around objects aren't floating in space) this slows you phone down and reduces the frame rate. (you have probably witnessed this when you placed too many cars.) if an object dose not have physics enabled, you phone has an ez time rendering. and runs well with even large quantities of props. I think that, catsbit should give those two kinds of objects different prop limits. ?