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  1. Especialy this part: Please,please, PLEASE add a PC edition to the game. (; I agree with all ideas mentioned by @w7n. Some of them have already been said here on the forum.
  2. Hello everyone of this forum! Today a new topic fora great "up" for the game. I would like to you read this post at the bottom of it. Thank you! Thaked: Dandan We have the concept of a new generation sandbox game. But the fact that he is a new generation does not mean that he has to stop there. I think an excellent way to make others want to play it would be to add the PC version. Yes, that is the idea. More people use mobile devices to play games, while PC users are less. Even so, it is not so complicated that it is a great addition, as there are games recognized with this system: Multiplatform! I use the PC to play some games, and I know that many of them have first person, especially if we talk about shooting games. I am not influencing the first person view. I'm just giving an opinion. In short, without adhering to many new objects, vehicles or maps, this is a way to get players with more surprises (which players like a lot). As players like updates and news ... this is my opinion for the increase in downloads; PC version! ^ ^
  3. Pretty cool @Glitch I don't know how to code, but if I could learn, I would learn to help you and the other Catsbit. I like this area a lot but unfortunately I am unexpected. Another cool thing would be to be able to make movements like lying down, squatting, sitting and others. ^-^
  4. Dear friends, thank you for coming to this topic. We have observed some unpleasant situations about cyber bullies and NSFW servers. More than one comment has already appeared here on the forum provided by Catsbit. Users are willing to help, whether working as a test group or even helping to program the game in addition to the numerous suggestions for objects and game properties that they would like to be added. I can say that I am part of this good group, which wants to help the project evolve. However, we must think that dedicating our time (which could be to study, work, digital marketing as many have done today) is something to repay at least with the use of these ideas, as we are not financially rewarded for it. Conversely, we have seen several ways that bad people use a game without bad intentions to do what is wrong in the eyes of EVERYONE. We are happy for the updates that are being made in the project, after all, it may not be difficult at first, but to proceed, it certainly is. Even so, I strongly urge you to listen, or rather, READ the comments of the most frequent users and that bring constructive content, with the intention of supporting, not criticizing. After all, what we have realized is that more than one person thinks the same way, and soon it is for the safety of other players / users. Thank you for reading. Thank you: Daniel, "Dandan".
  5. True, I would like the chat to continue to exist. It's a cool way of fun and relationship
  6. It is a good idea, Congratulations for the suggestion of the forum!
  7. For the character position Please, dev. Put some new positions for the players like: to lay , to sit, squat, kneeling... Thank you so much!