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  1. Hi there. This is a good suggestion, but it is however a long one. As I said in previous replies, game updates take a whole lot of effort and coding to create. Therefor these updates may be separated into different future updates. as always, thanks for the suggestions. ?
  2. As a person who knows how difficult coding is, a friends list would take a long time, as it has to detect when a user is in the app, to change the status to online. This is a reason game updates take so long, the developer of the game has to type a whole bunch of code for updates. There will be a slight chance this “friends list” feature will ever be added, but it may be added in future updates. Updates take even more time due to this virus that’s going around. But, as always, thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Hello there. We have found this post not related to bug reports. If you want to suggest something, please place it in suggestions. Thanks.
  4. Currently in this community, games only have 3 categories and limited things; questions, suggestions, and bug reports. So add a default area, such as Main, where people can post anything if it’s not innapropiate. Thank you.
  5. Hi there. Game updates take a long time, especially games with large scripts. So be patient, please!
  6. An NSFW swear and innapropiate word filter, would filter innapropiate words in names, chat, and more. This would be useful instead of marking the game 17+
  7. Hi. Thanks for suggestion. The game mode is currently in the works. You have to wait some time before they finish it. For a real response, please wait for the Developer Team to respond.
  8. You could make a new server type called “powerful devices” making the build limit higher, or “super powerful devices” for inf build limit.
  9. How have you been? I forgot this game existed due to a lack of updates. The good thing is, I have returned! Yay!
  10. Hi there, This idea is very great, due to that it is useful for certain landmarks. Thank you for the suggestions. The Community, and the developers appreciate all of them. There is a chance Catsbit.Care will reply to the topic.
  11. Oh, animals would be good. Here are my suggestions: I would suggest wild dogs, and tamed dogs that follow you around. Animals can be killed by shooting them with a gun. There could also be a option in the server settings, that allows animals to naturally spawn. There could also be ragdoll animals! And also a comment on this game, it’s mostly better than most sandbox games, it has things that the others don’t have. Building system, furniture, and more. Keep up the good work!
  12. I agree to this idea. This would allow me, and Catsbit to chat about the new update and bugs.
  13. Hi there, I am a very good helper of ten Catsbit community. My job is to help users, along with Catsbit.Care This is probably a glitch with the new 0.3.0 update, resulting in data loss due to the app changing. Thanks for helping improve the game. You may get a response from Catsbit, maybe or not.