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  1. I hope to address this!! Please banned this ID Player: 9E86FE25CC1507B6, Name [PK] Aayan. DO SOMETHING THIS HACKER I SEND PROOF Video and ID Players..
  2. Please Report this Hacker using aimbot! They change name also, i hope to addressed it, thankvyou Player ID: 99AA4AC44941476D
  3. Please banned this hacker from US7. Im tired for this hacker Player ID: AC242D56B1E78C34
  4. Please report this hackers is used by aim against the lag player but i used it wall hack also, boss ling and SiSoY. The ID Number: 2A905AA1E0FEFC67 and C32F52D7AF029B95 . I hope will addressed it by the anti cheat prevent the hackers. Thank you..
  5. Please Report this Hacker in us13, Name RU Angel ID Number: B6B86016864B7D5C. I Hope this addressed it the anti cheat, thank you!!
  6. Please Report this hacker they change name but i have evidence in id number: 480DEC9281B2B9CE. I hope addressed it. Thank you...
  7. Bro im using in wifi and routes also im using data, but im always play in 12 to 5am in philippines its so hard to play in morning to evening
  8. Please Fix this server this is not problem my internet, my signal was good and i think your oxide and server will down laggers many times to die because so lag server, Please fix this asap and or else your sell this game other developers.
  9. Good Day! Due My Respect, Please ban this Player. His ID E98D35361F40982F: This is dummy account. He used aimbot that many time im dead, its so bias normal player like me. Please response my post and comment here, Thank you!!
  10. Good Day! Due My Respect, Please ban this Hacker. His ID: 1AF29161E7F9EBBE. This is so unfair to other players especially me because Im one top in miner and also axeman. He used wall hack to easy loot it. Please response my post and comment here, Thank you!! received_677747120415553.mp4