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Found 10 results

  1. здравствуйте разработчики, мы нашли читера на 13US который использует софт, имеются доказательства! id 732D3B88C458B1EA я не могу прикрепить фотографии, потому что с ними мои жалобы не показываются другим людям.
  2. HIS NAME: (Wely_petka32) please banned these bastard he took all my loot and i work for it please don't let hackers get away by raiding with wall hacks he climb in and out but that's impossible because i have tc.
  3. Wallhack SVID_20221203_022742_1.mp4
  4. Good Day! Due My Respect, Please ban this Hacker. His ID: 1AF29161E7F9EBBE. This is so unfair to other players especially me because Im one top in miner and also axeman. He used wall hack to easy loot it. Please response my post and comment here, Thank you!! received_677747120415553.mp4
  5. Здравствуйте игрок с айди 8FCB177702628638 читер. У него аймбот любой скажет. Он убивает с далеко с одного выстрела. Сервер EU #7. На данный момент он в сети и его часто кикают за читы.
  6. hello, I want to file a complaint against a player who plays with an aimbot and uses magic bullets. his nickname BanR_YT , his id 9A82BBDDCACA53D3 this cheater shoots everyone in the head with a machine gun. please ban dishonest player Record_2022-11-19-11-17-12_4ef2ebc844a075bb97173ed8673c7a1a.mp4