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  1. Ok so like dude it has so much right, but it's missing so much to! So I'm here to give u some suggestions if you like it then go ahead use it (also if you like it follow me, if you want). #1 50.CAL SNIPER! #2 planes that drop bombs! So if your enemy's are tired of eating gun lead hop in and kill them with a BOOM! #3 SMG or UZI. #4 GORE because killing without it would no be killing at all #5 MP5 semi automatic and MP5 full atomatic.
  2. Better than my suggestion!
  3. Add a hum-v with a mounted gun on top and a attack helacopter and new guns more maps like wwll or snow island maybe new skins like a astronaut or a cop or a ninga that would be cool maybe a island map with boats. Another car idea a army jeep with no doors. And also maybe I would love this add a sword!
  4. Guys lets make a server and get them banned I'm a nice person I know a lot of nice people who can help. If ur in the server is called rebel I will make it on DEC.26 2020