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  1. Maybe there isnt enought proof, or in your videos the ID and name doesnt show up or cant be read because of the quality
  2. If u hit 3 shots in a row vs a guy that can move good u r probably using hacks, this game is hard to hit and still u see guys not missing a shot, that is Impossible bro, i get what u r saying but u Need to aknowledge that is not possible to hit 3-4 shots without missing One..
  3. @Catsbit.Guard you Will continue to ignore me? Eu40 is a server Crowded with hackers, Im sending you vídeo Proof of 3 hackers and u do nothing about it, im starting to love hope on you admins..
  4. I posted hacker with video proof and u still ignoring it... He already raided my base 5 Times in eu40 with rockets and jump hack...
  5. Bruh this hacker raiding me again so unfair
  6. You Need vídeo of him bro just screen Record when you see and get theyr ID and name if not they cant ban
  7. @Catsbit.Care please ban these hackers, talking Over eu#40 that LERK os already lvl 15 its not fair, we putting a lot of hours INTO this game, just so those hackers come and take all from US
  8. TNT LERK Raided our base with jump hack, jumped through compound walls and climbed walls i dont know how, they climbed the walls like if there was a ladder, and jumped through the compound like supermario.. I am a Tigan : was using speedhack and jump hack. Hasehm03 : i arrived at my base and he was on a "roof" wich was Impossible to climb without hacks, and as soon as a i started recording and told him that i was recording he disconnected. Although i ONLY have Proof of that one also Saw the entire "clan" TNT using cheats Also the "clan" KBB is the same, im just waiting to catch them on vídeo Thank you. Hackers ID: DDCAC9D4B003A35E (TNT LERK) Video: https://youtu.be/aOpY2rdraso?feature=shared https://youtu.be/DCgNssJs2j4?si=dFr2_1Q6bF7lrOan 68BBE8F5DC7F6ABF (i am a tigan) Video: Still couldnt find him online to get os (Hasehm03) Video: https://youtu.be/rOxlzdOZsCA?si=leErFLcv_X0B2Pw-