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  1. My chats also dont always sent when i type . Soni have to retype like 6 or 7 times usually . Depends how my networknspeed is
  2. I understand Well its a good gam3 and its sad too se how hackers can ruin it .but u guys do a good job . Thank u .anit cbeat system banned 8 hackers since friday up today .
  3. Whaat. Nego day is hacker ???im coco
  4. Hi everyone . I encourage you all to contact me. We need to form a big team of catch hackers . Videos and triggering anti cheat by baiting hackers . We can rule oxide from hackers if every1 works together . We start one server only to make it hack free server . Lets be the boys like in rust . We stand together .. if hacker use hack to kill 10 people at once after we all reported in game than anti cheat might just figure out whats happening . Comon guys . Ill help ya all get scraps etch . Im level 15 . Lets work together on us # 28 . Us # 28 have like 10 normal players . The rest are hackers . Hacking one day and other dayd they dont . But eventually they need stuf and start havking again . Cmon lets show dev we stand with him
  5. Read reporting rules and procedures
  6. And so not edit effect onto the video like u did with id. . Just trim the video otherwise its not valid . People claim that some edit fake videos to get them banned
  7. If u spam up all the time u will get ignored bro .. dont do that . Rather repost everyday
  8. @Catsbit.Dev @Catsbit.Care Hi . I do not understand why the catsbits team refuses to take more admins onto the platform on voulenteering freelance work ? Like is it a risk to the game or what is actually the reason ? U will need to take serious actions against cheaters . Free mod menus are being fully released now and sold for like 80 usd . They claim anti bann and anti kick programs running too . Many people get fed up with the struggle ? So is it a risk for the developers to add more admins that volunteer ?
  9. This is not how u report player . . U need video witj player id turned on . Do not make only screwnshot . Make sure u have player id clearly in video and where the video proofs hes using cheats . Upload to utube and copy link here with full description
  10. Wow ur not a cheater . U r a liar that wat it is
  11. U r a cheater stop lying we played a server rogether . Ur so an toxic player and stop trying to fool the admins they are smarter than u think they are