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  1. Hi there, No questions, everything is clear Thanks for writing, we will consider your ideas.
  2. Hi there, We can advise to re-install the game on your phone.
  3. Hi there, Sulfur is still missing in the game. It will be added in the next update.
  4. Hi there, We are already working on the solution to this problem. We will reset all the hackers coins in the next update. Thanks for your signal.
  5. Hi there, Thanks for suggestions! We will take them into consideration.
  6. Hi there, Thanks for suggestions.
  7. Hi there, At the moment we do not plan to add back-up system. In our opinion, it will damage survival spirit of the game. Anyway thank you for an idea.
  8. Hi there, Please precise your smartphone model. Is there any error that occurs while getting resources? What particular resources disappeared?
  9. Hi there, For sure, we will add other items. And you personally, what would you like to see?
  10. Hi there, Thank you for writing! We have already found this bug. It needs to be fixed in the next upgrade!
  11. Hi there, For sure you can! Crafting guns requires ingredients that you can easily get. Usually it is metal fragment, logs and cloth. With what ingredient do you have problems?
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    Voice Chat

    Hi there, Thanks for a suggestion. This idea is already taken into consideration.
  13. Hi there It is coming very soon.
  14. Добрый день, А почему остальные баги не выдаете?)
  15. Добрый день, Благодарим за предложения. Надеемся их воплотить в следующем обновлении.
  16. Hi there, You are extremely right - multiplayer is one of the main advantages and attractions of the game. Bugs occurred with it should be fixed in the first instance. That's why thank you very much for clearly describing problems you faced. We will try to find a solution to them.
  17. Hi there, At the moment sulfur is missing in the game.
  18. Catsbit.Care


    Hi there, Please write an email at
  19. Hi there, Please precise your problem/suggestion in more details. Because at the moment the game already allows to create a server, to chose the number of players there, to save the map and to load this map the next time you enter the game.
  20. Hi there, Weapons will be added for sure in the next update!
  21. Hi there, Unfortunately, at the moment we do not plan to create an offline version.
  22. Hi there, Thanks for writing. Hope to find a solution to this problem.
  23. Hi there, You clearly explained your idea. Thanks for suggesting! We will keep it in mind.
  24. Добрый день, В альфа-версии патроны не используются для стрельбы.
  25. Добрый день, Будем рады видеть Ваше резюме на почте Успехов!