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  1. Уточните еще, пожалуйста, свой никнейм и сервер, на котором играли.
  2. You want to change the size of every button separately or of all buttons all together?
  3. Thanks. I banned two players: ЧитерМстящий and orxan002
  4. Hi, we were updating the game at this time, sorry
  5. Спасибо, что написали, будем разбираться
  6. Catsbit.Care


    Hi, SSL certificate wasn't renewed automatically, we renewed it as soon as noticed
  7. Have you updated the game to 0.3.1?
  8. sorry, the update for ios is on moderation, we wanted to release for 2 markets at once, but moderation on app store takes too much time
  9. A bit later, when app store approves, it doesn't depend on us
  10. Update is already available on Google play!
  11. Please wait, don't update the game
  12. Sorry, we are fixing it as soon as we can
  13. Attention!!! Don't update the game! Sorry, a fatal error occurred during the update. In the very near future, we will release an emergency update 0.3.1
  14. Hi everyone! We are releasing the update for Google Play - servers will be wiped. Unfortunately for us, App Store delays the moderation process, that's why we made a decision to release the update at least for Android devices. All new servers will be tagged with [0.3]. So, update 0.3, what's new? voice chat system of learning blueprints players ranking Russian language new items (separate locks and code locks, high wooden wall & gate, workbench and scrap) players list in the pause menu cupboard authorization friends indicator additional confirm to prevent accidental suicide manual selection of resources in the crafting menu option to disable the blur effect option to mute/unmute the player coordinates on the map store with christmas items What’s fixed: rocket launcher buildings are not showing throught from far away shotgun bug with 2 doors in the same doorway bear does more damage the foundation is strengthened doors close automatically Besides that, we have worked on the anticheat system and optimization. Hope the game runs smoothly on your devices! Enjoy the update! Happy holidays & Merry Christmas!
  15. Unfortunately for us, App Store delays the moderation process We can't wait anymore, we are releasing the update for Google Play
  16. The update is being on moderation for 2 days already. As soon as it's done, we will make an official announcement.
  17. Hi, please make a screenshot or a record.
  18. Catsbit.Care


    Thanks, the player is banned.