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  1. August 1st is the latest.
  2. Replied in the Survival Simulator topic
  3. Thank you for support!
  4. @Firestar9990@Mert Can@OG PEACE* You are right, we are delaying our release. It took much longer time than we expected. However we stay in touch for whose who ask about the new game and the stage it is on. Now we are working on adjusting our own servers. This week we will announce more to our community
  5. Hi there, As far as I understood, you are asking about the update. We have already written that now the new project is our prioprity, that's why Sandbox 3D will be updated just after it.
  6. Что такое новая мыльная кровь?
  7. We are on the stage of internal testing. We are very-very close. Sorry for delaying. Extreme heat slows down productivity
  8. Hello! We are working on our new project based on Survival Simulator. That's why the work on Sandbox 3D is suspended After new game release, we will update Sandbox 3D
  9. Hi there, Catsbit has NO official discord server. We barely have time to make games and to manage our forum and social media. Absolutely no time to manage a discord server
  10. We are trying to release it asap. Within this month
  11. А что вы подразумеваете под режимом выживания?
  12. There is a max limit = 1000 items.
  13. Word of mouth is our best advertisment
  14. Just to be precise, the new game will be soon released, not a survival simulator new vesion. It will be an updated version of Survival Simulator with some new features. At first it will be a test version that will be updated every week.
  15. Hi there, Yes, there is such a bug. Thanks for information! We'll try to fix it in the next release.
  16. Such an interesting idea! We will think how to get it done
  17. Hi there, Thanks for offering your help! What kind of job can you do?
  18. Everything is ok Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question
  19. Hi there, Every message with a picture or hyperlink needs to be approved or rejected by the admin. It was made to prevent the forum from spamming. The major part of messages is treated within one day or some days. Btw I have no private message from you.
  20. Hope it will be straight after the release of the new game.
  21. Hi there, I can just provide you with the estimated date. The new game is planned to be released at the beginning of June
  22. Thanks! We really had some problem with servers. Now it's fixed.