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  1. Hi there, At the moment sulfur is missing in the game.
  2. Catsbit.Care


    Hi there, Please write an email at
  3. Hi there, Please precise your problem/suggestion in more details. Because at the moment the game already allows to create a server, to chose the number of players there, to save the map and to load this map the next time you enter the game.
  4. Hi there, Weapons will be added for sure in the next update!
  5. Hi there, Unfortunately, at the moment we do not plan to create an offline version.
  6. Hi there, Thanks for writing. Hope to find a solution to this problem.
  7. Hi there, You clearly explained your idea. Thanks for suggesting! We will keep it in mind.
  8. Добрый день, В альфа-версии патроны не используются для стрельбы.
  9. Добрый день, Будем рады видеть Ваше резюме на почте Успехов!
  10. Hi there, Thank you for your great idea. We have been thinking of it for a while. Hope to implement it soon.
  11. Hi there, Thank you for suggestions. Most of them are already in our to-do list) P.S. we are really happy that you loved the game. For us it is awesome that you build some kind of a like-minded team in the game. Happy holidays!
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    Hi there, Please precise your ID order in order to check it out.
  13. Hi there, The work is in progress. Btw Happy Holidays!
  14. Hi there, Your message was heard, thank you so much.
  15. Hi there, It is coming along, we are going to launch it very soon. However we do not plan to create a discord server - we have a forum for that.
  16. Hi there, First of all, thank you a lot for your loyalty! Concerning your suggestions, these are really good ideas! Do no hesitate to write us again if you have smth to add!
  17. Hi there, Thank you for information. We are aware of these bugs and in progress of fixing them.
  18. Hi there, Thank you for your time and helpful ideas!
  19. Hi there, Thank you a lot for writing! Your opinion is highly appreciated.
  20. Hi there, Please describe your idea in English or French.
  21. Catsbit.Care


    Hi there, Thanks for your suggestion. It will be taken into account.
  22. Hi there, Thank you very much for writing! We appreciate your suggestions very much!
  23. Добрый день, Благодарим за Ваши идеи.
  24. Hi there, Sorry for your waiting. It is coming within a few weeks.