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  2. Es el hack de aimkill, no son invisibles están volando, y para grabarlo, puedes ponerte armadura full cuero, he ir a algún lugar donde el este, cuando lo veas en el cielo ponte a grabar, no apartes la vista del cielo hasta que el te mate
  3. How often does a server restart? I'm not referring to the wipe but when the server says, server restarting in 3 seconds... If it has already been said somewhere else sorry for asking again
  4. I tried to repair a chest by hitting it with the hammer, since I accidentally shot it and when I did it it kicked me out of the server 2022_05_09_01_31_24~2.mp4
  5. Nahuel_れツ

    Bug ?

    a light also disappeared after the server reset
  6. When trying to remove a light with the hammer it takes me out of the server. 2022_05_02_19_16_58~2.mp4
  7. It also happened to me, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it was solved
  8. ESP: ¡haga base en el 3er piso que en el 2do piso el tc para que el hacker no pueda alcanzarlo! RU: база на 3 этаже чем на 2 этаже тк так что хакер не может до него добраться! BR: base no 3º andar do que no 2º andar o tc para que o hacker não possa alcançá-lo!
  9. The way to avoid this is to put some emoji next to the name of the server you create, so you will be sure that no uninvited player will enter
  10. 2022_04_15_19_35_06_001.mp4 Server: US 5 Name: 电话都好好收拾 this player killed my friend laps, he killed me 3 times in the first one I recorded it but I deleted it by accident in the second he killed me and I didn't even see it.
  11. Envia algun video o captura del jugador haciéndo trampa. Sin ninguna prueba catsbit no puede banearlo.
  12. English/Ingles: I have the same problem, when I am playing out of nowhere the screen appears black and it takes me out of the server, when I go back in it appears again, but after a while it is solved Spanish/español: Tengo el mismo problema, cuando estoy jugando de la nada me sale la pantalla en negro y me saca del servidor, cuando vuelvo a entrar me vuelve a aparecer, pero al rato se soluciona
  13. You can install an ad blocker, the one I recommend is Block this
  14. A new one, when I put a door and quickly change to another slot, the object of the slot I changed to disappears
  15. Sorry, if it was because of my bad translation
  16. I mean the other objects like the code lock, cabinet, wooden door, etc, with those objects the bug usually happens
  17. Mmm, estoy de acuerdo con el idioma español, pero lo de cambiar nombre gratis, haría que los jugadores abusen de cambiarse el nombre todo el tiempo, creo que debería costar algún precio el cambiar el nombre
  18. they are players who copy the same name and at the end they put some invisible symbol, so the game let them enter without telling them that the name is already in use, the other players will not see the unseen letter. The symbol that I know is this -->?????????? <-- Copy what is inside the arrows
  19. when I built a door, and I change to another slot quickly the object of the slot I changed to disappears, the bug only affects buildings that cannot be built in the building plan
  20. Sometimes when I put a key lock on a door, it is placed but it does not appear on the door and I cannot interact with it either.
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    También me pasó solo cerré el juego y lo volví a abrir
  22. Nahuel_れツ


    Is there a way to change our name?
  23. He is not a moderator, what makes your screen freeze is why that hacker had the bug of respawning fast, and he did it very fast, respawning a lot gives lag to some cell phones, others freeze and the game closes. I hope they fix all the bugs of SS, it is screwed when some player uses the bugs excessively.