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  1. Sans9750


    Oh nice im waiting 5 freaking days to the devs change my name to play but i give all data and im still waiting....? Also @Catsbit.Care read this pls change my ancount name or delete it im waiting 5 days without play
  2. But no all people is from eu or us the ping is to high and there are low players on eu and us making it more boring to hunt but more peacefull for farm
  3. Are on red i don' t know for what reason
  4. @xAnonyPowerZ there hidden i don't know what hare hidden but said hidden
  5. Redezin br uses the bug for kill me every time when i build house
  6. No got idea disconect is the only form to escape from hackers
  7. The game is becoming team fortress 2 lmao
  8. Pleace i read 10 topics talking amd recording of this and the unnamed player yoins on all server for go to kill everyone And bad news one yt channel summit hack pls catsbit stop this!
  9. Don't worry i create new ancount and i research all (18 hours of farm haha)