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  1. no bro, desktop meaning whatever home page on whatever device
  2. No? lol I Use an ipad, and I dont use an emulator dude. Its called a bug, I am reporting bugs because thats what this forum is for .
  3. Now When I join a server, and the advert plays for 0.5 seconds and the game exits to desktop. ??‍♂️
  4. @Catsbit.DevQuestion. You guys have fixed the under the map bug with the next update, does this include spawning under a house and in the floor?
  5. oh cool, ill try that thanks. but its also when im running, and then i disconnect, and when i come back then im under. so yah man
  6. If I may When we watch an ad, while we wait for the 5 seconds, our avatar has already spawned. and we have a few seconds to wait for the ad to stop before we can join game. in this time we can be killed without seeing.
  7. WOW NICE good work! awesome news ?
  8. Is there any way to counter this glitch? @Catsbit.Dev because i keep going under the map and losing everything. every time i play Also regarding these glitches and “hacks” , a considerable amount of people have stopped playing since a video was made about something similar . Im asking you again, if its possible to work on those two glitches, which would keep people playing Oxide,
  9. Tonight I have been playing on 0 player server. Its so nice, nothing to worry about. and I built a HUGE base. also are you sure it was a hack because i can even jump up through floor into the base, and also i was chasing him and he had leather, and he didnt kill me instead he was running away.
  10. Now I cant even play on a server for more than 2 minutes at a time without being kicked for “speedhack” or just disconnections. Everytime I give it a chance ??‍♂️
  11. yeah i do think its good coz id spend a lot ?? skins yeah big time. to keep the game fair. and $0.99 a month for God mode
  12. survival simulator ? that was fun before oxide came out.
  13. @Firestar9990Whats your in game name?
  14. oh is it really!? is it still one shot?
  15. August 16 Update Report Says Speedhack Was Fixed. Just Letting You Know It Isnt. Also When I Open A Crate, It Disconnects Me
  16. Yes, me too I have this problem. Sometimes I wait 2 hours and still no server ☹️ Looking forward to the bug fixes SO much.
  17. @Firestar9990do you know when any bug fixes will happen? the most important bug fixes are spawning under the map, and disconnecting due to “speed hack” and respawning and falling through floors under a house .
  18. Hey! Wouldn’t it be cool if we could dim the brightness of all the controls, so at night time on the game, it wouldn’t be as blinding. Also if we could customise the placement and size of each one, just like on Counter Attack FPS
  19. Will there be in game purchases? ? Imagine if you could watch ads to speed up crafting ??
  20. well the bugs in that game is off the chain fr fr floors disappearing lol
  21. Yah it was probably AncyG aka Badman ???