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  1. on average we have 30 players per server, so it has several bases, although it deteriorates, it takes time and it weighs on the server, I believe they restart to exclude the unowned bases so that the server doesn't get heavy, about resources...all Once you relog them they appear, so it never fails, it's just to make the server even lighter...(MY OPINION)
  2. Kleitin


    There is a "bug" I believe, with the cabinet, it asks for 270 wood to keep the base standing one day, I put the wood but when I come in after a few hours, it only has one or two more hours... what was supposed to be a day turns to hours and the base deteriorates....
  3. Kleitin


    create a chat for roles, global, clan and private Global for all Clan for people in a group that are added by a leader Private to talk to a person
  4. AAAAAH chegou! Ja estou atualizando, obrigado catsbit!
  5. Kleitin


    Cats, faça no seu tempo, o jogo ta perfeito! Esta um excelente passatempo e ta se tornando meu jogo principal, obrigado pelo desenvolvimento, estão de parabéns! (aguardando ansiosamente pela atualização).